10 Must-Have AI Tools Boosting Productivity for Physicians Entrepreneurs


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To the doctors reading this, how was your first month running a business compared to your first month in residency?

Answers may differ but one thing might be common for all – the relentless pressure to do “more”. And yes, it is a constant battle for every entrepreneur, especially for physician entrepreneurs. We understand the struggle, it takes A LOT to run a business while still being on residency and it feels like there is never enough time.

I know we’ve shared multiple AI tools before, but there might be more that you need to know about. Today. let’s focus on AI tools that will ramp up your productivity while saving more of your time.

Let’s delve into the top 10 AI tools that can empower physician entrepreneurs, exploring their benefits, limitations, and pricing!

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AI for Repetitive Tasks

Make, Bardeen, and Zapier

Pros: Saves significant time, reduces errors, improves workflow consistency.
Cons: Requires initial setup time, may not be suitable for complex tasks.

These automation tools are the workhorses of efficiency. Imagine automatically sending appointment reminders, generating invoices, or scheduling follow-up consultations – all without lifting a finger. These tools differ primarily in their user interface and specific functionalities. Make and Bardeen cater to more technical users, while Zapier offers a user-friendly interface with pre-built integrations for popular healthcare platforms.

Here’s a quick rundown of these AI tools for productivity:

Make Bardeen Zapier
Primary Function Automates workflows by connecting apps and services Automates workflows with a focus on data transformation and manipulation Automates workflows with a user-friendly interface and pre-built integrations
User Interface More technical, code-based Visual interface with drag-and-drop functionality Very user-friendly, with pre-built Zaps (automations)
Strengths Highly customizable, powerful data manipulation capabilities Focuses on data transformation and integrates with complex systems Easiest to use, large library of pre-built Zaps
Weaknesses Requires technical knowledge to set up Less user-friendly interface compared to Zapier Limited customization compared to Make
Ideal User Technically savvy users who need complex automations Users who want powerful data manipulation and system integrations Users who need a user-friendly platform with pre-built automations
Pricing Varies depending on usage, typically starts around $10 per month Varies depending on usage, typically starts around $15 per month Free plan with limited features, paid plans start around $19 per month

AI for Content Creation

ChatGPT and Claude

Pros: Boosts content creation speed, overcomes writer’s block, helps maintain a consistent brand voice.
Cons: May require editing for accuracy and factual correctness, lacks human creativity and nuance.

Large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and Claude assist with content creation. Struggling with writer’s block for your practice newsletter? Need catchy headlines or engaging social media posts? These AI tools can be your brainstorming partner, generating ideas, writing drafts, and even proofreading your work.

While both are LLMs, Claude boasts a higher context window (up to 75,000 words) and excels at analyzing longer articles. ChatGPT offers a free tier with limited features, while paid plans start around $18 per month. Claude is currently completely free to use.

Here’s a table detailing more of these AI content-creation tools:

ChatGPT Claude
Primary Function Text content creation and editing Text analysis & content suggestion
User Interface Text-based prompts and responses Text-based prompts and responses
Strengths Generates creative text formats, helps overcome writer’s block Analyzes long content, offers suggestions for improvement
Weaknesses May require editing for accuracy, lacks human-like nuance Limited free tier, may not be suitable for complex writing tasks
Ideal User Content creators, writers, bloggers Writers, editors, researchers
Pricing Free tier with limited features, paid plans start around $18 per month Free to use currently

AI Virtual Assistants

Notion AI and Superhuman

Pros: Improves organization and time management, reduces email overwhelm, simplifies knowledge capture.
Cons: Notion AI features require the paid subscription, Superhuman’s cost may be prohibitive for some.

These tools become extensions of yourself, streamlining daily tasks and managing information overload. Notion AI helps organize your thoughts and ideas, turning notes into mind maps and even creating websites. Superhuman tackles email, offering features like automated organization, one-click email creation from notes, and AI-powered scheduling integrations.

Notion offers a free basic plan with limited features, while paid plans start around $5 per month. Superhuman has a single paid plan at $30 per month.

Here’s a more detailed specification of these AI assistant tools:

Notion AI Superhuman
Primary Function Brainstorming, note-taking, and content creation with AI assistance Email management and automation with AI features
User Interface Block-based note-taking environment with AI suggestions Streamlined email interface with keyboard shortcuts and AI functionalities
Strengths Helps organize ideas, generate content outlines, and translate languages Automates repetitive tasks, prioritizes emails, and creates drafts based on notes
Weaknesses Requires existing content or ideas to work with Limited free tier, may not be suitable for complex email workflows
Ideal User Writers, students, project managers Busy professionals, entrepreneurs, sales teams
Pricing Free basic plan, paid plans start around $5 per month Single paid plan at $30 per month

AI for Research and Knowledge Management

Feedly AI and Consensus

Pros: Saves time on information gathering, ensures research is evidence-based, keeps you informed on industry developments.
Cons: Feedly AI requires setting up custom filters for relevant healthcare topics, Consensus’ free tier limits the number of citations and searches.

Staying on top of the latest healthcare advancements and finding evidence-based answers to your questions can be time-consuming. Tools like Feedly AI compile relevant news articles from various sources, while Consensus provides research papers with credible citations.

Feedly offers a free basic plan with limited features, while paid plans start around $3 per month. Consensus operates on a freemium model, with basic features available for free and access to advanced functionalities through paid subscriptions.

Here’s a more detailed rundown of these AI tools for research:

Feedly AI Consensus
Primary Function AI-powered news aggregation Research paper retrieval with citations
User Interface Customizable filters and news feeds Search bar for queries and citation browsing
Strengths Saves time on information gathering and personalizes content Provides credible research sources and evidence-based results
Weaknesses Requires setting up filters for relevant topics Free tier limitations on citations and searches
Ideal User Busy professionals, researchers, students Students, researchers, medical professionals
Pricing Free basic plan, paid plans start around $3 per month Freemium model with limitations in free tier

AI for Image Generation


Pros: Creates unique and high-quality visuals, saves time and resources compared to traditional design methods.
Cons: Requires practice with prompting for optimal results, may not be suitable for complex image needs.

Say goodbye to stock photos and hello to visuals tailored to your specific needs. Platforms like Midjourney create high-quality images for presentations or patient education materials. Midjourney operates through Discord, requiring users to prompt the AI with specific descriptions to generate images.

It differs from traditional design software by focusing solely on AI-generated content. Pricing is based on a monthly subscription with varying tiers for image generation volume.

Here’s a more detailed rundown of this AI tool for images:

Primary Function Image generation from descriptions
User Interface User inputs descriptions through Discord
Strengths Creates unique and high-quality images
Weaknesses Requires practice with prompts for optimal results
Ideal User Graphic designers, marketers, content creators
Pricing Subscription-based pricing with tiers for image generation volume

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Physician Productivity Powered by AI

Look, being a physician entrepreneur is a marathon, not a sprint. You juggle patient care, building your practice, and everything in between. It’s no wonder there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Hopefully these AI tools will help get some of that precious time back.

And this is just the beginning! The world of AI in healthcare is booming, with new tools emerging all the time. I’m constantly on the lookout for the latest innovations that can empower physician entrepreneurs like you.

So, consider this your invitation to join the ride. Subscribe to my newsletter, and together, let’s leverage the power of AI to transform the way you practice medicine. Let’s free up your time to focus on what matters most: your family, your passion, and everything in between.

Btw, if you’re interested in learning more about AI tools for busy physicians, we have an AI resource page where we share the latest news and breakthroughs, straight from the world of AI to our community of passionate doctors like you. Don’t miss out!


Peter Kim, MD is the founder of Passive Income MD, the creator of Passive Real Estate Academy, and offers weekly education through his Monday podcast, the Passive Income MD Podcast. Join our community at the Passive Income Doc Facebook Group.

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