11+ Best Places to Find Search Engine Evaluator Jobs in 2024


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If you’re looking for an interesting way to work from home on your own schedule, this list of search engine evaluator jobs is going to help you out!

Search engine evaluators are tasked with searching for various terms given to them and judging the quality of results that they get shown.

Every time a person types a search query into Google or another search engine, they get thousands and even millions of results back in a few seconds.

Search engines provide this information automatically, but it may not always provide the most relevant and quality content.

Human evaluators are used to provide feedback to update these algorithms to ensure more accurate and useful results.

If this type of work interests you, read on to learn about the best places to find search quality rater jobs, the skills and experience required, the basic salary, and how to ensure you get hired.

Best Places to Find Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

There are many legit companies and job boards that can help you find search engine evaluator jobs.

Below are the best ones worth your time.

1. FlexJobs

A good place to start searching for internet-evaluating jobs is on FlexJobs.

This popular job board has thousands of remote jobs available that are hand-picked and hand-screened to ensure they are scam-free.

For a small fee of $2.95, you can sign up for a 14-day trial and get:

  • Access to all available jobs
  • Free skills testing to establish and market your skills to employers
  • Expert job search tips and resources to help your job search
  • Email alerts when new jobs are posted matching your criteria
  • A personalized portfolio to upload resumes and samples.

Use the handy search bar to find jobs by typing in ”search engine evaluator” or other similar terms like ”internet evaluator” and ”search quality rater”.

There were many internet evaluator jobs when I did a quick search on FlexJobs at the time of writing this!

Job search on FlexJobs now.

Learn more in this FlexJobs review.

2. Telus International

search engine evaluator jobs

Telus (formerly Lionbridge) offers AI data solutions, contact center outsourcing, cloud platform solutions, and advisory services.

They hire remote workers from all around the world for search engine evaluator jobs and similar roles.

Head to their ”Careers” page and search for current jobs hiring in your country.

When I did a search for the United Kingdom, there were multiple postings for ”Personalized Internet Assessor” jobs for English and Welsh speakers.

Search the Telus careers page.

3. Appen

search engine evaluator jobs

Appen is another company that often hires search engine evaluators.

The role offers fixed or flexible hours, and you will need:

  • Excellent language skills
  • To be a US resident
  • Have good internet search skills
  • Knowledge of social media networks
  • To commit to working 20 hours a week.

The role is often called a ”Web Assessor” on Appen, and you can keep an eye on their careers page when jobs open up.

Search the Appen careers page.

4. MTurk (Amazon Mechanical Turk)

search engine evaluator jobs

MTurk is a marketplace featuring thousands of micro jobs from various companies all over the world.

The majority of these jobs will only take a few minutes to complete, so they won’t pay much, but by completing multiple at a time, you could earn around $15 an hour.

They regularly have internet evaluator jobs available and other simple paid tasks such as tagging images, removing duplicate content, answering questions, and writing content for websites.

To get paid on MTurk, you need to:

  • Sign up for a ”Worker” account
  • Search through the jobs available
  • Apply for jobs and complete the tasks according to instructions
  • Pay will be released when your work is accepted.

Sign up for an MTurk worker account.

Learn more about how to make money on Amazon in our guide.

5. KarmaHub

search engine evaluator jobs

KarmaHub is a company that collects and analyzes data for different companies.

A few other services they offer include finance and banking, contact center solutions, digital marketing, and HR.

Their job application process goes like this:

  • Apply for a job
  • Upload your resume
  • Telephone interview and discussion
  • Online assessment relevant to the job role
  • Personal interview and final offer.

Keep an eye on their ”Hot Jobs” page for when internet analyst roles become available.

Visit the KarmaHub career page now.

6. OneForma

one forma job page

OneForma is a platform that hires people from all around the world for full and part-time remote jobs.

They currently have over 900,000 community members across 200 countries who speak over 150 languages.

A few online jobs they have available include:

  • Transcription
  • Annotation
  • Translation
  • Data collection
  • Content creation
  • Search engine evaluation.

To get hired, you will have to sign up to join the OneForma community, but once you are a member, you can get extra qualifications on their ”Certifications” page to help you succeed.

Search the OneForma jobs page now.

7. Google

google careers page

While Google mostly hires internet quality raters from 3rd party companies, they occasionally have openings for this role on their careers page.

According to Google, they use search quality raters to make search more useful and to categorize information to improve their systems.

Use the search bar to check if they have any open positions for this type of work.

However, as Google is a popular company and they rarely hire for this role, you will have to be quick!

Your best bet is to check the ”Google Careers” page regularly.

Visit the Google Careers page now.

8. WeLocalize

search engine evaluator jobs

WeLocalize is a company that helps businesses around the world reach, grow, and engage with different international audiences.

They do this through a range of freelance and project-based jobs such as translation, AI training, and internet search rating.

A few search jobs they often hire for include:

  • Search quality rater
  • Maps quality rater
  • Ads quality rater (multiple languages).

Check out the WeLocalize freelance jobs page.

9. iSoftStone

isoftstone careers page

iSoftStone is a web evaluator company that offers a range of content and AI data services.

They hire for a range of different positions, such as:

  • Executive
  • Operations
  • Quality assurance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Data services
  • Business analyst.

Web raters can work flexible hours and will be provided with software to rate and evaluate websites and search terms.

Pay is reportedly around $15 an hour, and new hires will be given training.

Search for jobs at iSoftStone here.

10. Bing Careers

search engine evaluator jobs

Bing is a search engine created by Microsoft, and they often hire internet raters and evaluators.

And working for Microsoft comes with many perks, such as:

  • Benefits
  • Flexible work hours
  • Diversity and inclusion.

They have a huge number of jobs available on their careers page, and you can use the search bar to find work that suits your skills.

Bing search engine raters are tasked with verifying search results for accuracy and helpfulness, and pay is reportedly around $75,000/year.

Search for work on the Microsoft careers page.

11. Yahoo Careers

search engine evaluator jobs

Yahoo is another popular search engine that hires for many different work-from-home roles, including internet search raters.

However, this job does get snapped up quickly, so you need to keep your eye on their careers page for when an opportunity becomes available.

But, if you’re lucky enough to secure a Yahoo search rater job, pay is reportedly between $57 – $105K a year.

They also hire in many other categories, such as:

  • Content writing
  • Editing
  • Customer experience
  • Business development
  • Sales and marketing
  • Human resources
  • Design.

Take a look at the Yahoo careers page.

12. LinkedIn

linkedin jobs page

LinkedIn is an employment-focused social media platform with an active and regularly updated job board.

When I did a quick search, I came across multiple job postings looking for search quality raters.

One posting with the RWS Group was offering:

  • $15 an hour
  • No experience necessary
  • Must be able to commit to a minimum of 10 hours/week.

The main job requirements were being skilled with internet research, having a strong understanding of popular culture, and being a critical thinker who can analyze information.

Check out the LinkedIn careers page for more details.

Search Engine Evaluator Jobs: Required Skills

If you’re looking for flexible work-from-home jobs, search engine evaluation is worth looking into.

And, before you start sending out applications, it pays to ensure you have the right skills, such as:

  • Excellent English and grammar
  • Proficiency in your native language (as some rater jobs will be localized)
  • Great internet research skills
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Be focused and can manage your time
  • Basic computer and IT skills
  • Ability to follow set guidelines
  • Reliable high-speed internet
  • Access to a computer and smartphone
  • Familiarity with current events and culture.

Search Engine Evaluator Jobs: Basic Salary

The entry-level salary for a search engine evaluator in the US is $41,688/year or $20/hour.

This will vary according to your expertise and who you work for.

search engine evaluator jobs

Tips to Ensure You Get Hired as a Search Engine Evaluator

Understanding what is expected from a search results rater and arming yourself with the right skills will help you get hired.

Follow these steps to start a successful career as an internet rater from home:

Study Internet Evaluation

Before applying for jobs, learn about the role and take short courses online to learn from those who have experience.

Many companies will train you on the job but will appreciate it if you show that you’ve made an effort to learn the basics.

You could even take short search engine evaluation courses online to learn from those with experience in this role.

Become Familiar with Current Events

As a search engine rater, you’ll be tasked with rating the relevance of search results.

Many searches will contain information about current events, so you need to know what’s going on around you to judge content accurately.

Consider these steps:

  • Study popular social media sites
  • Watch local and international news to stay informed on current events
  • Regularly read about entertainment, arts, and pop culture.

Practice Searching and Analyzing Content

Spend a few hours each week when you have time to practice rating search results for accuracy.

Once you get comfortable determining the quality and usefulness of search queries, you should settle into a new internet rater role with ease.

Final Thoughts on Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

Many companies have search engine evaluator jobs available for beginners.

As long as you have strong internet, a laptop and smartphone, and great internet research skills, you will be able to make money from home in this line of work.

However, due to this job’s popularity, give yourself the best chance of getting hired by studying internet evaluation and staying up to date with current events.

Want more ways to earn remotely?

Check out these easy online jobs anyone can do.


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