9 Online Odd Jobs to Boost Your Income In 2024


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Relying on a single source of income, especially while growing an online business, is challenging at best. Online odd jobs offer a flexible solution, supplementing your income while supporting your long-term financial goals.

When I started building my blog and e-commerce store, I needed a way to make extra money on my own schedule to better weather entrepreneurship’s ups and downs.

I delved into the various odd jobs available, noting what worked and wasn’t worth my time. If I were to start over again, knowing what I know now, these 9 options would be my go-to choices.

There’s likely something on this list that will help you, too. So take a look and find an online odd job that fits your skills, availability, and needs.

Best Databases for Finding Online Odd Jobs

If I were looking for odd jobs for the first time, I wouldn’t have a good idea of options at my disposal. Instead of trying to find a needle in a haystack, I would first check the following databases to see what’s available from actively hiring companies:

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the best odd job websites, offering services in areas such as graphic design, writing, social media management, and more. Things get even odder when you consider unique offerings such as celebrity impersonations and pet telepathy trending on Fiverr’s market. You can really offer anything here, no matter how obscure.

How does Fiverr work? You won’t be hand-picking your own clients like other freelancing platforms. Instead, you’ll list your services and wait for interested buyers to reach out.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to set up your profile and start offering services on Fiverr:

  • Create a profile and list your services for purchase
  • Set your own prices and packages
  • Deliver projects on time to earn testimonials and positive reviews

It may take some time to establish yourself and gain consistent clients. You can offer different tiers of services, so set up a simple trial offering to get more customers to try your services. As your ratings and experience grow, so will your income.

2. Upwork

Upwork is a top choice for finding odd jobs online, letting you pick up active work directly. It’s free to sign up, with a premium Freelancer Plus option for $20 a month, offering extra benefits like more Connects (applications) and better profile visibility.

Unlike Fiverr, where you wait for clients, Upwork lets you actively search and bid on jobs, giving you more control.

With Upwork, you can dive into a variety of popular odd jobs and tasks, making it one of the best odd jobs apps available for:

  • Web Development and Graphic Design: Show off your technical and creative skills.
  • Freelance Writing and Marketing: Create content and promote brands.
  • Customer Service and Market Research: Assist clients and gather insights.

Connects on Upwork are vital for applying for jobs, boosting proposals, and showing clients you’re serious. Freelancers receive 10 free Connects monthly, can purchase more for $0.15 each, or earn them through achievements like winning interviews or completing certifications.

Use Upwork to complete tasks such as online surveys, mystery shopping, pet sitting, and house cleaning. You can use Upwork to find high-paying jobs and long-term clients if you’re skilled in any particular area, like virtual accounting or web development.

3. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a top source for odd jobs online, offering freelancers a curated and supportive experience. To join, you must apply and be accepted, ensuring that only top freelancers are matched with client projects.

Once accepted, you’ll access a steady stream of projects from international clients. Here’s how to make the most of PeoplePerHour:

  • Build a Great Profile: Share your career experience, define your skills, and showcase your portfolio.
  • Find Projects: Use the AI system or manual search to find the perfect projects and submit compelling proposals. You can send 15 proposals per month for free, with the option to buy more.
  • Create Bespoke Packages: Offer custom services with self-tailored packages to attract clients.
  • Collaborate Efficiently: Use the project stream to communicate, share assets, and gather feedback.

PeoplePerHour covers common odd jobs such as AI services, technology and programming, writing and translation, design, digital marketing, video, photo and image, business, music and audio, marketing, branding and sales, and social media.

Completely Online Odd Jobs

These are odd jobs you can do online, from start to finish, with no need to leave the house:

4. Website Testing

Website testing jobs are a great way to earn extra money with a flexible schedule. Depending on the project and company, you can make between $2 to $60 per test. The more complex the job, the higher the pay.

Key Points:

  • Earning Potential: $2 to $60 per test, with more money for complex jobs.
  • Top Platforms: Test IO and User Interviews offer higher rates.
  • Boost Your Chances: Sign up on multiple websites for more job invitations.

You need a stable internet connection and a device with a webcam and microphone to get started. Special skills can help you earn more. Joining multiple platforms can help you find odd jobs and maximize your earnings. Full-time testing jobs are also available on sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

A typical day as a website tester might look like this: Check your mobile for new test opportunities, apply for projects that match your skills, complete the tests, and provide feedback on the user interface, features, and functionality. Payments are usually made via PayPal, making it easy to get paid.

Website testing is a popular odd job for gaining skills in user experience and software testing. You learn interesting new abilities and better understand how websites function while earning extra cash.

5. Online Tutoring

Are you an educator, or do you have a knack for teaching? Online tutoring could be your ticket to earning money online with a flexible schedule. You can go solo or join a tutoring platform like Preply. Going solo allows you to set your own hours and rates while joining a platform provides built-in support and a steady stream of students.

I used to teach English online through the platform VIPKID, and it was a great odd job for getting through college and making a major move to a new city while consistently earning a side income.

If you’re considering the independent route, here’s how to start an online tutoring business:

  • Register a legal business and identify your niches.
  • Take a look at your competition to understand the market.
  • Develop a solid business plan and decide whether to stay solo or join a platform.
  • Invest in the right tools, advertise your services, and set up a comfortable workspace at home.
  • Create engaging study materials and build strong relationships with parents.

Online tutoring fits perfectly into the gig economy and blends flexibility with a rewarding teaching experience.

6. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is a self-employed worker who helps businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs with various online tasks. As a VA, you set your own hours, prices, and decide who you work with. You can also choose what services to offer and expand your offerings as your skills grow.

Virtual assistant work is one of the best ways to start making money online for beginners. It requires no certifications or degrees, and many tasks are beginner-friendly. You can start with simple administrative tasks and branch out into areas like social media management, SEO, content marketing, and more.

For those just starting out, Fancy Hands is a great platform to sign up with. It connects you with businesses needing help with tasks like general administrative assistance, freelance writing, proofreading, bookkeeping, and virtual customer support.

How much you make as a VA depends on the services you offer and your experience. Entry-level VAs typically start around $20 per hour, but experienced VAs can earn between $20 to $50 per hour. The flexibility to set your own rates and hours makes it an attractive option in the gig economy.

To succeed, you need a computer, high-speed internet, and a way to showcase your skills to potential clients. Offer limited free trials, create a blog or website, or ask friends and family for reviews to build your reputation.

Apps for Finding Odd Jobs Nearby

There’s plenty of money to be made in your own neighborhood, and there are apps that can safely and profitably provide you with local tasks. Here are three options that I think have stood the test of time:

7. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a popular app for finding odd jobs and making money online. As a Tasker, you have full control over your schedule and earnings. You set your own hours and prices and keep 100% of your earnings. Fancy Hands is another good platform to try, but TaskRabbit offers a wider range of tasks.

Getting Started:

  • Eligibility: You must be 18 or older, have a bank account or credit card, and live in a city where TaskRabbit operates.
  • Application: Pass a background check and provide your SSN. You may need licenses and insurance depending on the tasks you offer.
  • Services: Tasks range from home repairs and heavy lifting to pet sitting and virtual assistant jobs.

Working for TaskRabbit means being ready to respond quickly to job offers. Competition is fierce, especially in urban areas. However, the flexibility and control over your work schedule make it worthwhile.

Depending on the job and location, you can make between $20 to $60 per hour. Payments are made via direct deposit. TaskRabbit charges a one-time $25 registration fee but no service fees or commissions.

From handy work to dog walking or delivering groceries, TaskRabbit is one of the best odd job apps to find work on.

8. Gigwalk

Gigwalk is a mobile app that helps you find quick, local jobs called “Gigs.” Unlike TaskRabbit, which offers more varied tasks and longer commitments, Gigwalk focuses on short, on-the-go jobs. Gigs can take from 5 minutes to a few hours and pay between $3 and $100.

How It Works:

  • Find Gigs: Open the app to see available Gigs in your area.
  • Apply: Click “Apply to this Gig” to get started.
  • Complete the Work: Follow detailed instructions and submit your work through the app.
  • Get Paid: Once approved, you receive payment directly to your PayPal account.

Most Gigs involve checking product displays or event setups for consumer brands and retailers. This makes Gigwalk ideal for quick, easy tasks in your spare time.

Be thorough and professional in your work to get the most out of Gigwalk. Higher performance scores lead to more complex and better-paying Gigs. Consistently good work can even get you invited to private, higher-paying Gigs, giving you a great way to boost your earnings.

9. Handy

Handy is a top gig app for handymen and cleaners. Founded in 2012, it connects contractors with homeowners needing services like cleaning, furniture assembly, electrical work, plumbing, and more.

The app offers flexible scheduling and competitive pay:

  • Earn up to $22/hour as a cleaner, $45/hour as a handyman
  • Top earners make over $1,000/week
  • Choose your own hours and rates
  • Potential for recurring clients and projects

This is one of the best online odd jobs for people with a knack for fixing things or cleaning. You can build your own clientele and grow your skills while earning a good hourly wage.

Final Thoughts: Online Odd Jobs

This is not an exhaustive list of odd jobs you can do online to make money. Many more options exist, from earning Swagbucks to completing tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

But these nine options offer a sweet spot between flexibility, entry-level skills, and good pay. They’re ideal for both quick cash and long-term sustainability.

Choose one or more that aligns with your interests, skills, and goals. With dedication, your odd job may turn into a rewarding and fulfilling career.


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