Master Mobile Technology for Your Small Business with These Expert Tips


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Mobile technology is an essential concept for today’s businesses. From developing a mobile app to creating a responsive website, there are many factors to consider. Get tips for maximizing your mobile presence from members of the online small business community below.

Master the Mobile App Development Fundamentals

Developing a mobile app can help businesses in many ways. But it’s important to master the fundamentals of this process before creating something unique for your business. In this Vocal post, Prashant Pujara goes over the basics that all creators and businesses should know.

Find the Top On-Demand App Development Ideas

Another key to developing a successful mobile app is to select an in-demand niche. There are tons of ideas that can benefit various groups. Mahipal Nehra of Decipher Zone shares several top choices in this post.

Consider Hiring Mobile App Developers

Many small businesses don’t have the expertise or resources to develop their own mobile apps in-house. Luckily, there are professionals who you can outsource this task to. Check out this Multiquos post by Parth Thakkar for some helpful insights.

Consider the Pros and Cons of “Starting Ugly”

When developing a mobile app or any digital product, it’s sometimes helpful to “start ugly,” or quickly release an imperfect version and then make improvements over time. This route has pros and cons for different types of projects. Read this Ishir post by Rishi Khanna for more thoughts on the concept.

Automate Routine Website Tasks with AI

When building a website, there are certain tasks that are fairly straightforward, and others that need your unique skills and creativity. AI allows you to automate the more routine functions so you can focus on the rest. In this P-Themes post, Sinu Kook details how to use AI to automate select website tasks.

Find the Best Website Builders

There are also website builders that can simplify the entire process of creating a new website. So how can you find the best choice for your needs? Read this Small Biz Tipster post by Lisa Sicard for a roundup of the top options.

Consider These WordPress Alternatives for SEO

WordPress is the most popular host for websites today. But it isn’t the only choice for creating an online home for your business. If SEO is one of your top concerns, this eAskme post by Guarav Kumar includes several alternatives.

Learn the Latest Live Chat Statistics

Live chat is a powerful feature that can enhance the usability of websites and mobile apps. If you plan to make use of this option for your own needs, it can help to learn how other businesses are utilizing them. See the latest live chat statistics in this Blogging Wizard post by Adam Connell.

Leverage Growth Hacking for a Competitive Advantage

There are tons of ways to grow a business in 2024. But growth hacking offers unique possibilities for businesses. Learn more about the concept in this Biz Penguin post by Ivan Widjaya.

Get Started with AI in Your Marketing

AI offers many unique ways to market a business. Since it’s still an emerging technology, it can be confusing for business owners to navigate. In this post on the Social Media Hat blog, Mike Allton provides a primer for those looking to get started with AI marketing.

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