Parents beware: Hatch Rest Baby sound machine power adapter recalled over electrocution hazard


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Parents take note: Hatch Baby Inc. of Palo Alto, California, has issued a voluntary recall for the power adapter included with some of their 1st generation Hatch Rest devices. At issue is that the housing of the power adapters may come off, exposing people who come into contact with them to the risk of electrical shock. Here’s what you need to know.

What is the Hatch Rest?

The Hatch Rest is a sound machine that the company says helps babies, infants, and children sleep through the night by drowning out background noises. The device also acts as a nightlight.

Why is the Hatch Rest’s power adapter being recalled?

According to the recall notice on the company’s website, the power adapter is being recalled because “the white housing of these power adapters can come off when removing them from the power outlet, leaving the power prongs exposed and posing a shock hazard to consumers.”

What Hatch Rest products are included in the recall?

Hatch Baby Inc. says that only select power adapters included with some 1st generation Hatch Rest devices are included in the recall. The Hatch Rest device itself is not being recalled.

According to the notice posted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the power adapters being recalled are white in color and have the model number CYAP05 050100U. The power adapters have the model number printed on them as well as the amps (“1.0A”). Additionally, the phrases “Jiangsu Chenyang Electron Co. LTD” and “Made in China” are also printed on them.

Pictures of the recalled power adapters can be found here.

Where were the impacted products sold?

The CPSC says that about 919,400 units sold in America are included in the recall in addition to about 44,352 units sold in Canada.

The products were sold at and as well as at BuyBuyBaby, Target, Walmart, Nordstrom, Pottery Barn Kids, and BestBuy. 

Has anyone been hurt by the faulty power adapters?

Unfortunately, yes. The CPSC says that there have been two reports of people receiving “a minor electrical shock.” In total, Hatch Baby Inc. has received 19 reports of the housing unit of the power adapter coming off.

What do I do if I have the recalled power adapter?

Immediately stop using the adapter.

You can contact Hatch Baby Inc. for a free replacement at

You can find full details of the Hatch Rest recall on the company’s adapter recall page here and the CPSC recall notice here.


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