Teen with Cerebral Palsy Launches “Unrealistic” Hot Sauce Business


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Some entrepreneurs start their ventures to make a living. But others get into business to prove something to themselves and inspire others.

Drew Davis is an example of the latter. The Saint Louis-area teen, who has cerebral palsy, originally started his company, Crippling Hot Sauce, as a school project. But when he received a “B” grade and was told that his business was “unrealistic,” he was motivated to make his vision into a real venture.

Davis saved up about $3,000 in seed money from Christmases and birthdays over the years. He started by launching his products in stores throughout the area before launching his own online store.

He said in a recent interview with The National Desk, “And so, I just decided to do it. And like 24 months later, we have sold more than 178,000 bottles and have donated thousands of dollars to cerebral palsy research as a part of our mission to show that no matter your situation, anything is possible.”

In addition to inspiring others to go after their dreams, Davis ensures that the company supports important causes financially as well. Crippling Hot Sauce donates 5 percent of proceeds from every sale to CP research.

Davis’s personal story is also prominently featured on the company’s website and marketing materials. For example, the website reads, “It’s not the hot sauce that put me in the wheelchair. It’s the cerebral palsy.” The company’s logo features a hot pepper in a wheelchair.

This is Davis’s way of adding some fun and humor to the brand while also calling attention to part of what makes the company stand out – his own story.

Every entrepreneur has their own background and challenges. Davis’s successful company shows that you don’t have to shy away from these differences; you can actually use them to make your company something special and inspire others in the process.

Image: thecripplingcompany.com


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