The Best Commercial Fire Extinguisher for Your Business


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In professional environments, possessing a commercial fire extinguisher isn’t just a safety measure; it’s a crucial asset for safeguarding lives and assets. This importance is underscored by OSHA’s mandate that employers must equip their premises with portable fire extinguishers to tackle early-stage fires. Such proactive measures can mean the difference between a minor incident and a catastrophic loss.

The most important thing to consider before all else are the needs of your business. There are different classes of fires, some which require specific extinguishers. Below are the classes of fires:

  • Class A extinguishers are used for ordinary combustibles like wood, paper, and cloth.
  • Class B extinguishers target flammable liquids like grease, gasoline, and oil.
  • Class C extinguishers are suitable for electrical fires caused by appliances, tools, or other equipment.
  • Class D extinguishers are meant for fires involving combustible metals.
  • Class K extinguishers are used in kitchen environments for cooking oil and grease fires.

Types of Fire Extinguishers

Just as there are different classes of fires, there are also different types of fire extinguishers. Here are the most used:

Type of Extinguisher Suitable for Fire Classes Ideal Usage Extinguishing Agent Additional Notes
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) B, C Laboratories, electrical fires Carbon Dioxide Not suitable for metal fires, removes heat and oxygen from fire
Class K Wet Chemical K Commercial kitchens Wet chemical solution Creates a foam blanket, prevents reigniting, specifically for cooking fires
ABC Fire Extinguisher A, B, C Offices, general purpose Monoammonium phosphate powder Versatile, can be messy, puts out electrical, liquid, and gas fires
Class D Extinguishers D Laboratories, industrial settings Sodium chloride agent Specifically for metal fires such as magnesium, titanium, etc.
Water Mist Extinguisher A, C Buildings with sensitive machinery Water mist Gentle on machinery, less residue, not for grease or oil fires

Commercial Fire Extinguishers: Our Top Picks From Amazon

Now that you understand a bit more about types of fires and extinguishers, it’s time to look through our top picks from Amazon. When we curated our product list, we considered these factors:

  1. Type of Extinguisher: Different types of fire extinguishers are designed to handle different kinds of fires.
    • Scale of Importance: 10/10
  2. Size and Weight: The extinguisher should be manageable in size and weight for the intended users.
    • Scale of Importance: 8/10
  3. Certification and Compliance: Ensure the product meets legal and industry standards.
    • Scale of Importance: 9/10
  4. Ease of Use: The extinguisher should be straightforward to operate, even for individuals with limited experience.
    • Scale of Importance: 8/10
  5. Rechargeability: Consider whether the extinguisher can be recharged after use.
    • Scale of Importance: 7/10
  6. Duration of Discharge: The length of time the extinguisher can effectively discharge its contents.
    • Scale of Importance: 7/10
  7. Maintenance Requirements: Understand the maintenance needs to ensure long-term reliability.
    • Scale of Importance: 6/10
  8. Cost: The cost must align with the budget and value offered.
    • Scale of Importance: 6/10

Each of these criteria was carefully weighed when we compiled our recommended list products. Enjoy browsing through them below:

First Alert PRO10 Professional Fire Extinguisher

The First Alert PRO5 Fire Extinguisher is a robust and reliable safety tool, perfect for home offices and small businesses. This UL-rated 3-A:40-B:C extinguisher is designed to handle a variety of fires, including those involving wood, fabric, paper, flammable liquids, and electrical equipment.

It is constructed with durable metal, featuring a commercial-grade valve and head. The extinguisher is rechargeable by certified professionals post-use, ensuring its longevity. A mounting bracket and a corrosion-resistant, color-coded pressure gauge and comes with a 12 year limited warranty.

Product Features:

  • UL rated 3-A:40-B:C.
  • Suitable for wood, fabric, paper, flammable liquid, and electrical fires.
  • Durable all-metal construction.
  • Rechargeable by certified professionals.
  • Includes mounting bracket.
  • Easy-to-read, color-coded, corrosion-resistant pressure gauge.
  • 12-year limited warranty

First Alert PRO10 Professional Fire Extinguisher

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Kidde FA110 Multipurpose Fire Extinguishers – 2 Pack

Kidde FA110 Multipurpose Fire Extinguishers 2 Pack - Red

The Kidde FA110 Multipurpose Fire Extinguishers come as a 2-pack set, each designed for versatility and efficiency in tackling most common fires. These extinguishers are UL rated at 1-A:10-B:C, making them suitable for a wide range of fire types including those involving wood, paper, and flammable liquids.

These extinguishers are easy to handle and store – equipped with a retention strap bracket for secure mounting and quick access. This pack also includes 2 customizable 2×2 stickers.

Product Features:

  • Multipurpose Dry Chemical extinguishers.
  • UL rated 1-A:10-B:C.
  • Comes in a pack of two.
  • Suitable for common types of fires.
  • Includes retention strap brackets for mounting.
  • Custom 2×2 stickers included.
  • Lightweight design (0.69 Kilograms per unit).
  • Dimensions: 15″L x 12″W.

Kidde FA110 Multipurpose Fire Extinguishers

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Buckeye ABC Fire Extinguisher

Buckeye 10914 ABC Multipurpose Dry Chemical Hand Held Fire Extinguisher

The Buckeye 10914 Fire Extinguisher is suitable for a variety of settings. This single-pack extinguisher is filled with ABC dry chemical, making it an effective multipurpose agent for tackling Class A, B, and C fires. Its versatility makes it ideal for different fire types, whether they involve ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids, or electrical equipment. For ease of maintenance and readiness, the extinguisher is equipped with color-coded gauges. These gauges allow for quick, at-a-glance checks of the extinguisher’s operating status.

Product Features:

  • ABC dry chemical suitable for Class A, B, and C fires.
  • Anodized aluminum valve assemblies for durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Includes wall hooks for easy mounting and extended service life.
  • Color-coded gauges for easy status monitoring.
  • Dimensions: 3-3/8″ diameter x 7-1/4″ width x 16-3/8″ height.

Buckeye ABC Fire Extinguisher

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Strike First Fire Extinguisher

The Strike First Fire Extinguisher, weighing 5 lb., is an ABC Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical extinguisher, well-suited for a variety of locations including homes, cottages, trailers, and basements. This extinguisher is designed to effectively combat most common fires, providing a dependable solution for emergency situations.

The handle is crafted from reinforced, full grip hardcoat anodized aluminum, designed for ease of use and secure handling during emergencies. A wall hook is included with the extinguisher, allowing for convenient placement and quick access.

Product Features:

  • ABC Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical extinguisher.
  • Suitable for homes, cottages, trailers, and basements.
  • Steel cylinder with protective skirt.
  • Durable polyester powder paint finish for corrosion resistance.
  • Waterproof stainless steel gauge.
  • Reinforced, full grip hardcoat anodized aluminum handle.
  • Includes a wall hook for easy mounting.

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Kidde 9 lb. Fire Extinguisher for Commercial Use

The Kidde Commercial Fire Extinguisher is a dependable solution for small business owners seeking to enhance their fire safety measures. This model is specifically designed to tackle various types of fires that may occur in commercial settings. It’s effective against common combustibles, flammable liquids and gases, and electrical equipment fires.

After use, the extinguisher can be refilled and reused by a certified professional, adding to its long-term value. It is UL Listed and comes with a 6-year limited manufacturer warranty, offering additional peace of mind.

Product Features:

  • Suitable for Class A, B, and C fires.
  • Refillable and reusable by certified professionals.
  • Durable aluminum cylinder with corrosion resistance.
  • Includes wall mount bracket and hose.
  • Rust and impact-resistant handle with easy-to-pull safety pin.
  • Easy-to-read pressure gauge.
  • Contains 5.5 pounds of fire-fighting agent.
  • Quick discharge (13-15 seconds) with a range of 12-18 feet.
  • Operating pressure of 195 PSI.
  • UL Listed with a 6-year limited warranty.

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Amerex B260 Wet Chemical Class A K Fire Extinguisher

Amerex B260, 6 Liter Wet Chemical Class A K Fire Extinguisher

The Amerex B260 is a 6-liter wet chemical fire extinguisher, tailored for kitchen environments. Its specialized design makes it highly effective against Class A fires involving ordinary combustibles and Class K fires common in cooking areas, such as those involving vegetable or animal oils and fats.

Product Features:

  • Ideal for kitchen use.
  • Wet Chemical Class A:K Extinguisher.
  • Effective against Class A and K fires.
  • 53-second discharge time.
  • Includes a wall bracket for easy mounting.

Amerex B260 Wet Chemical Class A K Fire Extinguisher

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Dry Stop Fire Spray by Prepared Hero – 4 Pack

The Dry Stop Fire Spray by Prepared Hero offers a practical and effective solution for fire emergencies in various settings, including homes, cars, garages, and kitchens. This 4-pack set provides an ample supply of fire extinguishing spray that’s highly portable and easy to use.

Each aerosol can contains 21 oz of a powerful dry powder fire extinguishing formula, capable of tackling a range of fire types such as grease, flammable gas, paper, fabric, wood, and electrical fires. The design includes a safety guard tab to prevent accidental discharge, enhancing its safety profile. The formula is non-toxic, making it a safer choice, and its lightweight nature makes it more manageable than traditional fire extinguishers.

Product Features:

  • Contains 21 oz of dry powder fire extinguishing formula per can.
  • Portable and lightweight for easy carrying and storage.
  • Effective on a variety of fires: grease, flammable gas, paper, fabric, wood, electrical.
  • Non-toxic formula.
  • Safety guard tab to prevent accidental discharge.
  • Suitable for home, car, garage, and kitchen use.
  • 4-pack for added convenience and readiness.

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Buckeye  Stainless Steel Water Pressurized Hand Held Fire Extinguisher


The Buckeye 50000 is a hand-held fire extinguisher, featuring a stainless steel construction and a water pressurized system. With a 2.5 gallon agent capacity, it is specifically designed to combat Class A fires, typically involving common combustibles like wood, paper, and cloth.

This extinguisher’s sturdy build ensures reliability and longevity in various settings. It includes a wall hook for easy storage and quick access, and vehicle brackets are available, enhancing its versatility and service life. The color-coded gauges on the extinguisher allow for easy monitoring of its operational status, ensuring it is always ready for use in an emergency.

Product Features:

  • Water pressurized unit for Class A fires.
  • 2.5 gallon agent capacity.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Includes wall hook and vehicle brackets.
  • Color-coded gauges for operational status.
  • Dimensions: 7″ diameter x 9″ width x 24-1/2″ height.

Buckeye Class K Kitchen Extinguisher

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First Alert PRO5 Fire Extinguisher

First Alert PRO5 Rechargeable Heavy Duty Plus Fire Extinguisher

Like the PRO10 the First Alert PRO5 is a tough and durable fire extinguisher that’s made of a durable metal construction that’s well complemented with a commercial grade valve and trigger. This extinguisher is effective against flammable liquid, fabric, wood, paper, and electrical equipment fires. It also comes with an accurate color-coded gauge and a bracket and strap are included for secure mounting.

First Alert PRO5 Fire Extinguisher

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Smoke Doctor 4-in-1 Mini Suppressant

The SMOKE DOCTOR 4-in-1 Mini Suppressant offers a versatile and efficient solution for handling small fires in various environments. This 2-pack set is designed for use in cars, trucks, boats, and homes, making it an essential safety tool for a range of situations. Its compact size and portability ensure it can be conveniently stored or carried in backpacks, car trunks, or on boats.

This fire suppressant is specifically formulated to tackle small fires with minimal fuss and no mess. After use, the area can be easily wiped clean, thanks to the suppressant’s residue-free characteristic. The ergonomic design of the canisters allows for ease of use during emergencies, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Product Features:

  • Suitable for cars, trucks, boats, and homes.
  • Compact and portable design.
  • Effective on small fires with minimal residue.
  • Easy cleanup after use.
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable formula.
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use.
  • 2-pack for added convenience.

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