19 Best Selling Digital Products on Etsy: Get Started in 2024


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Since its inception in 2005, Etsy has been well-known for its unique handmade items and craft supplies. However, many may not be aware of the popularity of digital products on this platform. These best-selling digital products on Etsy offer creators a golden opportunity to earn passive income with minimal upfront costs.

The good news is Etsy makes selling digital downloads simple. But with a vast sea of options, deciding what digital products to sell can be tough.

Maybe you’re you’re looking to inspire your next creative project. Perhaps you’re eager to tap into the lucrative digital sales world.

Whatever the case, in this article, I’ll share the 19 best-selling digital products on Etsy.

Let’s begin.

Best Selling Digital Products On Etsy: Why Sell Digital?

best selling digital products on etsy

Digital products attract sellers with the promise of passive income. Create the product and upload it to the site. Your Etsy digital downloads can sell over and over with no more effort on your end.

Etsy ranks as a top online marketplace—just behind Amazon and eBay. I personally had a shop where I sold shirts and mugs during the pandemic in 2020.

While my products were physically shipped from a warehouse, many customers search for digital items daily for personal or business use.

The platform offers tremendous success potential for those who select the right products to sell. Another appealing aspect of Etsy is that it has low startup costs. These include a $0.20 listing fee and a 5% transaction fee per sale. Plus, there are plenty of affordable design software options available. Canva is a great example.

Digital downloads are one of the hottest categories on Etsy. They’re popular because they offer customers a time and cost-saving alternative to custom designs. They provide a convenient and hassle-free solution.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on getting started, check out this article on how to become a digital creator or this fantastic Etsy Masterclass, taught by an experienced seller with nearly 1,000+ sales.

1. Printable Art

best selling digital products on etsybest selling digital products on etsy

Printable art attracts both beginners and seasoned sellers alike. It offers promising revenue opportunities for those looking to sell digital products.

In fact, according to Gelato.com , beginners can quickly earn over $400 a month.

Those experienced in the field of digital art often enjoy monthly revenues soaring past $4,000. This is thanks to daily sales.

These facts demonstrate the popularity of digital prints & wall art among Etsy shoppers and the promising financial rewards it offers creators.

  • Novice earnings: Over $400/month
  • Established shop revenues: Exceeds $4,000/month.

2. Planners, Organizers, & Calendars

best selling digital products on etsybest selling digital products on etsy

The global market for digital planners is expected to reach $1305.7 million by 2028.

Thanks to their convenience, these planners are some of the best-selling digital downloads on Etsy.

PixelPerfectPlanners is a great example of a shop creating digital planners. They effectively use SEO optimization with the right combination of products. This results in seriously impressive sales.

One of their listings boasts an average of 537 monthly sales, priced at $19.95 each. This translates to monthly revenues of $10,713. 

  • Market projection for 2028: $1305.7 million
  • Popular apps for planners: Notability and Goodnotes.

3. Social Media Templates

best selling digital products on etsybest selling digital products on etsy

Despite skepticism about their relevance, there’s a demand for ready-made, customizable social media content.

These templates cater to small business owners seeking ready-to-use content.

The market for Instagram templates is especially profitable. Switzer Templates’ boho-themed bundle is a prime example.

This package is affordable, ranging from $15 – $18. It offers over 570 templates for various Instagram features.

  • High demand: Popular among entrepreneurs
  • Best content: Reels, Stories, Posts, Highlight Covers, Story Stickers.

4. Website Templates & Themes

best selling digital products on etsybest selling digital products on etsy

Website templates & themes can earn sellers a great income.

Basic designs start at $100, while more intricate ones cost upwards of $500.

Blog Pixie is a great example of a shop with over 60,000 sales. It offers templates for platforms like Shopify and Wix.

  • Potential monthly earnings: Up to $2,000
  • Price range: $100 – $500
  • Investment value: Saves buyers time and design effort.

5. AI & ChatGPT Prompts

best selling digital products on etsybest selling digital products on etsy

I was recently searching Etsy for AI prompts to help me create more original scripts for my YouTube channel. I’ve noticed a glaring problem with AI content writing tools: They tend to generate repetitive phrases and words, which can become annoyingly monotonous.

So, investing in prompts can potentially help you personalize your content. AI and ChatGPT prompts can enhance social media, chatbots, web design, and so much more.

Fexyl is a standout example. This shop has thousands of sales and offers unique AI art prompts. These include Landscape, Bauhaus, and Boho Poster designs.

You can also find ChatGPT prompts for eBooks, Midjourney, mental health coaching, and much more.

  • High demand: AI and ChatGPT prompts are relatively new
  • Fexyl: Over 20,000 sales, launched in 2022
  • Unique opportunity: Sell prompts for AI art generation, chatbots, social media posts, web design, and more.

6. Logos & Branding Kits

best selling digital products on etsybest selling digital products on etsy

Selling custom logos and branding kits on Etsy is a lucrative opportunity for graphic designers. While it’s one of the platform’s top-selling categories, the field is competitive.

Therefore, it requires strategic pricing. Logos often sell for $10 to $35. Deluxe branding kits command prices from $200 to $1500. The latter offers extensive customization and aesthetic value.

A well-rounded branding package enhances an entire online presence.

  • High demand: Custom logos and branding kits are popular
  • Competitive market: Strategic pricing is essential
  • Massive sales potential: Top-performing products reaching over 15,000 sales.

Looking for logo and slogan inspiration? Here’s a list of 1,023 Etsy shop slogan ideas!

7. Fonts & Typography

best selling digital products on etsybest selling digital products on etsy

Fonts and typography are some of the best-selling digital products on Etsy, and HeatherRobertsArt is a perfect example of a leader in this niche.

The shop has risen to become the top digital storefront on the platform. It boasts over 960,000 sales and is securing the 12th spot among Etsy stores worldwide.

Its alphabet monogram SVGs have been particularly successful. The product has amassed over 21,497 sales and generated an estimated $71,370 in revenue. It’s a hit with both apparel creators and merchants.

It also showcases the potential of digital offerings even at $1 per item.

  • High demand: Over half a million search results highlight fonts’ popularity on Etsy.
  • Volume sales: Bundles of 40-50 fonts cater to diverse design needs.
  • Wide appeal: Attracts a broad spectrum of Etsy sellers and buyers.
  • Versatile use: Ideal for branding, crafting, and digital projects.

8. Invoice Templates

The attraction of invoice templates lies not only in their sales success but also in the ease of creation.

Even the most minimalist designs can reach hundreds of thousands of sales.

Designing digital invoice templates is a simple and straightforward process. It requires minimal design expertise or intricate steps.

  • Broad appeal: Attractive to businesses looking for stylish billing options.
  • Rising demand: Self-employment and side hustles increase the need for professional templates.
  • Success story: A Wild Bloom Designs’ minimalist template hit nearly 350K sales at $9.99 each.
  • Affordable investment: High-quality designs available at consumer-friendly prices.

9. Wedding Printables

The massive value of the U.S. wedding industry underscores the high demand for wedding-related items, including stationery.

So, it’s no surprise that wedding printables are a top-selling category on Etsy. The diverse range includes welcome signs, menus, seating charts, invitations, and more.

This makes wedding printables a highly attractive digital product niche on the platform.

  • Huge market: The U.S. wedding industry is valued at $178.46 billion.
  • Popular category: Wedding printables with 5,000+ sales on Etsy.
  • Wide variety: From welcome signs to invitations and more.

10. Adobe Lightroom Presets

Adobe Lightroom presets are pre-defined editing settings. They allow for quick styling of photos with a single click.

These presets save amateur and professional photographers time. They also add a polished look to their work.

Sellers like KatherineDream focus on value through preset bundles. One such bundle is a comprehensive “all-in-one” package, which has enabled the shop to achieve significant success.

Their approach is highlighted by a standout product featuring mobile presets. This demonstrates their high demand and effectiveness.

Here are some inspiring stats from KatherineDream’s Etsy shop:

  • Sales from listings: Over 429,550 sales from just 206 listings in five years.
  • Value bundle: Offers include 5-10 presets per bundle, with an extensive option of over 5000 presets.
  • Revenue from a single product: Approximately $85,000, with over 28,100 sales and 2,500 reviews.

11. Excel budget templates

Excel budget templates emphasize easy financial management through user-friendly spreadsheets.

The Weekly Crew stands out in this category with its straightforward templates for tracking income, expenses, and overall budgeting.

Their success story underscores the lucrative opportunity to sell financial planning tools on Etsy.

  • Seller success: The Weekly Crew with over 62,000 sales from 29 listings.
  • Product range: Includes income and expense trackers and various budget spreadsheets.
  • Market opportunity: High potential for success in financial planning tools.

12. Event Cards

There’s a large demand for printable cards, making them one of the best-selling digital products on Etsy. These cards cover everything from birthdays to holidays and more.

Printable cards provide a convenient option for expressing sentiments. Customers can easily download and print them at their leisure.

WillowLanePaperie is a great success story in this market with their thank you cards. They’ve amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars from over 306,000 sales.

  • Card types: Greeting, thank you, birthday, Christmas.
  • Success story: WillowLanePaperie, selling each card for $5.50.

13. Printable Labels & Packaging

Printables feature a diverse range of items like cards, invitations, and labels.

These printable labels are versatile for organizing various items, from kitchen to office supplies.

BellamyStone shines as a prominent seller in this niche.

The shop specializes in printable houseware labels. These include pantry and cosmetic labels. Their success is evident with nearly 60,000 items sold.

  • Product range: Cards, invitations, printable labels.
  • Versatility: Organizing kitchen, office, documents, etc.
  • Leading seller: BellamyStone (charging $1.30 for single labels and up to $16.50 for bundles).

14. Gift Tags

Etsy has become a leading platform for personalized printable gift tags. They cater to various occasions like birthdays and baby showers.

These customizable tags allow buyers to add unique touches, such as names and messages.

MintyPaperieShop stands out in this market, with over 388,000 sales. The shop offers distinctive tags at competitive prices. They achieve impressive sales figures in the printable stationery category.

  • Occasions: Birthdays, baby showers, seasonal celebrations.
  • Customization options: Recipient’s name, unique messages, etc.
  • Notable seller: MintyPaperieShop (sells each tag for approximately $6).

15. Sewing Patterns

Knitting and crocheting patterns span a wide range, including apparel and housewares.

Dot Pebbles Knits is a successful Etsy shop that sells animal plushie patterns. It has over 148,000 sales and has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars.

They’ve been able to achieve this success with affordably priced patterns.

  • Product range: Apparel to housewares patterns.
  • Etsy shop success: Dot Pebbles Knits (patterns priced between $1 to $6.50).

16. Stickers

Selling digital stickers on Etsy appeals to those with creativity and drawing skills.

The market spans from Halloween themes to notepad designs. It allows for diverse product offerings.

For example, Happy Downloads excels in seasonal stickers. They’ve priced their vast collection affordably and achieved over 175,000 sales.

Acorn & Crow Studio also stands out with an impressive sales record of almost 500,000.

  • Entry costs: Low
  • Profit margins: High
  • Example Etsy Store: Happy Downloads (offers 10 – 25,000 sticker bundles at a price range of $2.50 – $17).

17. eBooks & Guides

Ebooks are growing in popularity, with thousands of listings and sales on Etsy.

Do a quick search for “ebook templates and covers” or “ebooks for kids,” and you’ll see the incredible demand.

There’s a wide range of ebooks that are popular. However, those related to arts and crafts perform best. This isn’t surprising, as it aligns with Etsy’s core audience.

  • Ebook listings on Etsy: Over 68,000
  • Total ebook sales: Exceeding 100,000 units
  • Popular searches: Ebook Canva, ebook templates, ebook covers, ebooks for kids.

18. Resume Templates

Selling resume templates is becoming increasingly popular on Etsy.

Star sellers in this category often report thousands of sales, with customers’ preference for simple designs.

CoResume’s template exemplifies this trend with its significant sales figures. Liisa Maloney has also found success on Etsy, selling minimalist resume templates and generating substantial profits.

  • Top-selling CV template features: Clean, professional, neutral colors.
  • Star Sellers’ sales range: 4,000 to 5,000 purchases.
  • Example of success: CoResume’s clean, professional resume template.
  • Liisa Maloney’s achievements: With prices between $8 and $9, her minimalist resume templates have garnered over 94,000 sales, resulting in profits exceeding $750,000.

19. Coloring Books

The appeal of coloring books is not just for kids. It spans all ages.

Come to think of it, I’ve gifted coloring books to multiple friends over the past few years. One always comments on the weird people she encounters whenever she’s shopping at Walmart, so I got her a “People of Walmart” adult coloring book!

Etsy has a thriving market for downloadable coloring sheets.

With a vast selection available, many vendors offer digital pages or entire books. This allows for customizable printing options.

  • Etsy search results for “coloring pages”: Over 243,000 results
  • Products offered: Digital coloring pages and complete digital coloring books
  • Customer flexibility: Print individual pages or compile a personalized book.

Best Selling Digital Products on Etsy: Wrap-Up

Despite Etsy’s reputation for unique handmade items and craft supplies, digital products are a hidden gem on the platform.

There’s great potential to earn passive income when you choose to sell digital downloads. This is thanks to minimal upfront costs and the attractive “make once, sell forever” model.

While these options might initially seem overwhelming, I hope these 19 best-selling digital products on Etsy help inspire your next creative endeavor or encourage your dive into the profitable realm of digital sales.

If you’re looking for more info, check out our article on how to sell Canva templates on Etsy next.


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