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A single-product website focuses on selling one product instead of multiple products. Its sole purpose is to showcase the features, benefits, and selling points of a specific product, whether it be unique footwear, a specialty food item, or any other kind of product.

In this article, I’ll share 27+ single-product website examples, including the benefits and tips for creating your own.

Let’s go!

27+ Single Product Website Examples to Copy

Now, onto the examples!

Here are 27+ single-product website examples to get excited about!

1. Birchbox


Birchbox.com is a pretty well-known single product website, built around offering beauty box subscriptions. Their subscription membership gets you a beauty box delivered right to your front door every month.

After you join, just take a quiz, get your beauty box customized by their experts, and then enjoy that box of products shipped out with fresh products every month!

2. Houndsy

This dog food dispenser has been tested with a variety of different dry dog food products. It has a sleek, modern, and attractive design. It comes in 2 colors and has been reviewed over 200 times.

3. Dollar Shave Club

dollar shave clubdollar shave club

With Dollar Shave Club, the concept is simple. Take the quiz, get products recommended to you, then get them shipped out.

This is like the male version of Birchbox a bit. They started as a subscription box only but since then have expanded by selling their products individually.

4. Nori

Nori is a steam iron press. This steamer allows you to steam all your favorite clothes so you can get wrinkle-free garments without an iron or ironing board.

5. LootCrate


LootCrate is a geek subscription box. You get all your favorite pop culture goodies in one box, delivered to your doorstep once a month.

They offer three kinds of crates to choose from:

  • Pop culture
  • Gaming
  • Film and TV

Pick your favorite themed crate and get a surprise box shipped to you monthly.

6. Nest


Google Nest is a smart home system. Since its launch, it has expanded to other products like smart thermostats, displays, Wi-Fi, streaming, and more.

7. Tile Tracker

Tile TrackerTile Tracker

This is a tracking tile that you can attach to anything from luggage to your car, pet, etc. The ways you can use Tile are endless.

8. Hollow Socks

hollow sockshollow socks

Hollow Socks run their single product website around their Alpaca wool-made socks. These are moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating socks.

9. Gravity Blankets

Gravity Blankets are weighted blankets. They can contribute to deeper sleep and help you wake up easier and more energized, according to the site.

10. Cratejoy


Cratejoy is for subscription boxes. You can pick out a subscription box for yourself or a loved one and get a box of goodies delivered to you once a month, curated by Cratejoy.

11. Peloton


Peloton is a household name right now and probably one of the many single product website examples you recognize.

Peloton is known for their exercise bike, which is a stationary fitness bike equipped with a tablet-sized screen to take a virtual instructor led fitness class or watch your favorite movies or TV shows.

12. Tushy Bidet

Tushy sells bidets. These DIY-install bidets are for people to install on their toilets at home to have a bidet experience without having to install a full-size bidet toilet in their bathroom.

13. Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro lets you access your digital space like apps, notes, etc. using your hands, eyes, and voice. It’s kind of like a cell phone for your eyes.

14. Suavs


Suavs sells sockless washable shoes. It is sustainably made and is promoted to be worn without socks for the various activities your busy life brings your way, whether you’re working, at home, or running errands.

15. Theragun


This massage gun is used to provide pain relief for sore, tender muscles.

16. PillowPug


This is a pug dog breed pillow. It comes in four sizes and you can upload your own pet’s picture to the pillow so the company can print and ship it to you!

17. Ring


Ring is a home security system. The Ring doorbell and other smart doorbell systems have grown in raging popularity over the years and continue to see growth in the future.

If you say you have a “Ring,” I think most people will know what you’re talking about.

18. Away Travel

Away TravelAway Travel

Sleek, sophisticated luggage. The unique look will have people know you have Away Luggage for several feet away.

19. BlendJet


BlendJet is a portable blender. You can use this on the go, to blend your morning breakfast on your commute to work or as a post-workout snack after you finish your gym routine. There are so many uses!

My husband bought one recently and loves it!

20. Kulala


This is a baby sleep system. It includes an app with sleep schedules, reminders, advice, and more.

21. Rainbow Nut Butter

Rainbow Nut ButterRainbow Nut Butter

I heard about and tried Rainbow Nut Butter from TikTok. They have what I’d call loaded peanut butter. It’s handmade fresh peanut butter loaded with extras like brownies, marshmallows, chocolate-covered pretzels, vanilla wafers, etc.

Each jar of nut butter is themed and you get a cool experience trying each one. It’s a creative snack to indulge in.

22. Javy Coffee

Javy CoffeeJavy Coffee

Javy Coffee is a coffee concentrate. You can squirt a teaspoon or two into cold or hot water to make iced or hot coffee. Then, add cream, sugar and any other extras you use for your coffee.

23. Roku Streaming Stick


Roku’s streaming stick is a streaming player that fits in the palm of your hand.

Simply connect it to TV through the HDMI port and access all your favorite streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and others, with the help of an internet connection.

24. PalmPress

Palmpress is a coffee press. Essentially, it’s a palm-sized coffee maker that can make a fresh cup of coffee with coffee grounds and hot water.

25. Casper Mattress

Casper is an award-winning mattress brand. They sell high-quality and ethically-created mattresses in the U.S.

26. SodaStream

Sodastream makes sparkling water and soda. You can buy this machine and have homemade sparkling water and soda at your fingertips whenever you want.

27. Brew Blue

Brew Blue sells menopause supplements for women.

28. Heraldic Jewelry

Heraldic Jewelry is an eCommerce brand selling family crest jewelry.

How To Build A Single Product Website

how to build a single product websitehow to build a single product website

When building your single-product website, you want to keep the design, ease of use, navigation, and functionality front of mind. Since you’re selling one single product, the website theme, layout, navigation, product image, and product page should all be on point. 

As you can see – you can go tons of different directions with your product shop.

Here’s the 4-step process for building your single product website:

Step 1: Choose A Product Idea

First, choose a product idea. You can start by brainstorming ideas that align with your interests and hobbies. Then, move on to researching the market. This can uncover niches that are in high demand and low competition.

Step 2: Identify Your Target Audience

Choose a customer avatar and identify your target audience. Pick your target buyer and get to know their demographics, buying habits, behaviors, and interests well.

Step 3: Develop Your Brand

Next, start to develop and build out your brand identity. Choose brand colors, identify your mission, write a business plan, and set goals.

Step 4: Choose A Theme

Pick a website theme. The website builder you offer will likely offer free or paid themes, such as WordPress themes and Shopify themes.

Your website theme is pretty important. It should highlight the main product, be easy to navigate, and have a clear call to action.

Here are some tips for picking the right website theme for a single product website.

How To Choose The Right Website Theme For Your Single Product Website?

shopify themeshopify theme

Whether you choose a Shopify theme, WooCommerce theme, or other website theme, you can take this advice to choose the best theme for your brand, regardless of your e-commerce niche.

  • Choose a responsive theme: It’s important to choose a responsive theme that displays all the web features. Shopify Dawn and Startup are examples.
  • Pick an SEO-friendly theme: This theme can be optimized for search engines.
  • Make sure the theme is from a reputable developer: It’s a good idea to get your website theme from a solid developer for any bug fixes and updates.
  • Choose a customizable theme: A customized theme is recommended to cater to your unique needs.

Shopify tends to be a pretty popular e-commerce platform for single-product websites. If you go with this website builder, choosing the best Shopify apps for your single product website comes down to this:

  • Choose lightweight, efficient Shopify plugins that add to your website and are necessary
  • Choose Shopify plugins that align with your e-commerce business

Some examples of the best Shopify apps and plugins are Klaviyo, Loox, Privy, and Strong SEO.

Benefits of Running a Single Product Website

Are single-product websites better than websites with multiple products? Not necessarily, but they have many benefits specific to a single product store only.

  • Easy to manage: As you can imagine, managing a single-product store is easier than running a store with multiple products. From inventory management to writing the product description, running social media, and other aspects, a one-product store is the easiest to run—hands down.
  • A focused approach: No distraction with having a huge product line with multiple SKUs, including managing the different packaging options, product variations to the product images, and even website design. You’re focused on one product instead of many, which creates an environment with fewer distractions.
  • An established unique selling proposition: You can more easily position yourself as a brand leader.
  • Clear call-to-action: The website’s purpose is clear – either a purchase, sign-up, free trial or other action.

Shopify is a common e-commerce platform for one product store with single product Shopify theme options from website theme stores like Themeforest and others!

Final Word on Single Product Website Examples

single product website examplessingle product website examples

A single-product website is a solid option for your e-commerce business. There are tons of benefits to running this kind of business.

A clear product for sale. No confusing messaging or overwhelming options that may exist with multi-product eCommerce stores. A call-to-action, detailed product description, and no question about the product or service for sale.

That’s what you get with a one-product website, in a nutshell!

Sometimes, less is more!

Would you run a single-product website?


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