7 Best Currency Converter App Options To Save You Money in 2024


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Choosing the best currency converter app can be very important. If you’re planning to travel or make online purchases overseas, you want to ensure that converting currencies can be simple, quick, convenient, and – of course – accurate.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to seven of the best currency converter apps. These apps will make your international transactions hassle-free and give you the confidence to purchase from anywhere you wish.

The 7 Best Currency Convertor Apps to Try

The best currency converter app options have a few primary features, including real-time rates, chart analyses, exchange history, and a calculator. I’ve analyzed and handpicked the best currency converter apps so you can select the one that best suits your needs.

Seeking a top-notch currency conversion tool? XE Currency Converter is essential for handling global finance. Beyond mere currency swaps, it has powerful features for sophisticated financial management. With over 10 million downloads, it provides currency rates alongside tools that help you make sense of global markets.

Key features of XE Currency Converter include:

  • Instant updates on global exchange rates
  • Secure money transfer with real-time notifications
  • Alerts for target rates in your chosen currencies
  • Access to decade-long currency performance histories

Let’s say you’re a trader monitoring the Euro and Yen. Set alerts in the app and get notified when rates hit your target, ensuring you never miss out. Users mention that the app’s interface is intuitive. This makes it simple to initiate transfers and track them without hassle, truly making it the best currency exchange app for active financial engagement.

Additionally, its offline mode capabilities and minimalistic design cater to forex investors and travelers, providing vital information on the fly. Whether checking current currency conversion rates or exploring historical data, XE Currency Converter stands out by combining ease of use with detailed financial tools.

2. Forex Currency Rates: Best Currency Converter for Traders

For traders and travelers alike, the Forex Currency Rates app is an essential resource for navigating the complexities of currency fluctuations. This app shines by delivering precise and swift currency conversions, useful for anyone needing real-time financial data.

Primary features of this app include:

  • Extensive support for 140 currencies and precious metals.
  • Detailed graphical analysis to track and forecast currency trends.
  • Customizable alerts to monitor your preferred exchange rates.
  • Available for free, with an optional ad-free pro version.

Utilizing ChatGPT for trading and investors to fine-tune the insights you receive, optimizing your strategies whether you’re hedging or planning a trip abroad. With its robust download numbers and user-friendly design, Forex Currency Rates positions itself as a valuable tool in your financial toolkit, keeping you updated with accurate rates and historical data trends.

3. Chrome Currency Converter: Easy Conversions While Browsing

The Chrome Currency Converter is one of the best digital marketing apps for e-commerce professionals because it seamlessly converts prices on any webpage directly in the browser. Developed by George Papadakis, this extension supports over 160 currencies, simplifying the process of keeping up with international prices.

With this Chrome app, you can:

  • Whitelist or blacklist domains to control where conversions are applied.
  • Toggle between original and converted prices to easily compare costs.
  • Add customizable fees or taxes to conversions for accurate pricing.
  • Quick conversion tool in a popup for immediate currency conversions.

This extension accurately detects various price formats, ensuring reliable conversions. Its user-friendly interface facilitates smooth navigation and use, making international shopping and price analysis straightforward with this free app.

With its “100% CLEAN” award from Softpedia, Chrome Currency Converter is a trustworthy and invaluable tool for digital marketers aiming to optimize their global pricing strategies.

4. Easy Currency Converter: Great for Historic Data

Easy Currency Converter is a streamlined tool that efficiently handles your currency needs, ideal for anyone requiring reliable conversions. It delivers real-time updates and provides comprehensive historical data for in-depth analysis.

With this app, you can:

  • Access charts detailing currency trends from 2011 are useful for tracking fluctuation patterns.
  • Get support conversions for 200 global currencies, including popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
  • Use offline functions with previously cached rates and turn on dark mode features to conserve battery and data.

This app is available on both Android and iOS. It offers customizable settings, allowing you to craft a personal list of favorite currencies and perform quick conversions precisely. Its extensive user base and high ratings on Google Play underscore its reliability and exceptional user experience. It’s one of the best currency converter app options on this list, offering deep historical data for those who have been following different currencies over time.

5. Currency: Convenient for Smartwatch Users

Currency is an optimized converter app exclusively designed for Apple users, including those using iPhone, iPad, and particularly the Apple Watch. It’s an all-in-one solution, perfect for anyone within the Apple ecosystem looking for quick and accurate currency conversions.

The Currency app offers:

  • Offline conversion capability for over 160 global and local currencies.
  • Minimalist user interface specially tailored for ease of use on smaller screens.
  • Real-time data updates and location-based currency suggestions enhance usability while traveling.

Although the app is free, Currency does not cater to Android users. It’s an exclusive tool for Apple device owners. It offers a streamlined experience with features like live charts and the ability to monitor multiple currencies, which is ideal for businesspeople and travelers alike.

This app makes sure that reliable and precise exchange rates are always at hand, whether you’re managing financial transactions or simply exploring new territories.

If you’re seeking more sophisticated features, you can upgrade to a premium version of the program through in-app purchases for $19.99 a year.

6. Currency Converter Plus: Awesome User Experience

Currency Converter Plus, crafted by the team behind Calculator Plus, offers precise and reliable currency exchanges through a user-friendly application.

  • Delivers real-time and cached rates for 170 currencies, including Bitcoin and precious metals.
  • Historical charts and a handy built-in calculator make price comparison efficient.
  • It operates offline, which is perfect for travel in areas without internet access.

This app utilizes AccuRate technology to ensure accuracy, essential for forex traders and business professionals relying on current financial updates.

With its streamlined design, Currency Converter Plus saves time and data, making it highly effective. Praised on Android and iOS, this free tool is crucial for anyone needing to efficiently manage diverse monetary needs. Whether dealing with digital or world currencies, it streamlines economic decisions.

7. Currency Fair: For Secure Money Transfers

Currency Fair is the best currency converter app for those needing quick and cost-effective international money transfers. This app ensures that whether you’re paying a foreign contractor or supporting family abroad, you do so with minimal hassle and expense.

  • Transfers money quickly to over 150 countries with real-time exchange rate listings.
  • It avoids international banking fees by treating transfers as local transactions.
  • Charges a flat fee of €3 ($3.20) per transfer, far cheaper than typical bank rates.

Currency Fair allows you to manage transfers efficiently via a simple interface, ensuring your funds are exchanged and sent without undue delay. The app supports over 20 currencies, facilitating same-day transfers for major ones and providing transparency with a live currency calculator to show exactly what your recipient receives.

Praised for its user-friendly design and responsive, multilingual customer service, Currency Fair is a reliable choice for business people and individuals alike. It makes international finances easier and more affordable for those with global communities.

How the Best Currency Converter App Can Benefit You

woman on a beach smiling and looking at her phonewoman on a beach smiling and looking at her phone

In our interconnected world, the right tools can enhance how we handle currencies—whether for travel, trading, or managing business finances globally. A good currency converter app simplifies complex financial tasks and provides strategic advantages with accurate, real-time data.

Here are a few key benefits of using the best currency converter app for your needs:

Streamlining Everyday Financial Transactions

Apps like XE Currency Converter and Currency Converter Plus transform financial interactions. They update real-time exchange rates and alert you when currencies reach your target. This is crucial for traders who need to act fast on market changes. Plus, their easy-to-use design makes global finance accessible to everyone.

Enhancing International Travel and Trade

For travelers, accessing up-to-date exchange rates right when you land can prevent overspending.

These apps help you understand local prices instantly. Business professionals can easily track and manage expenses in different currencies. This is vital for keeping clear financial records and controlling costs while abroad.

Reducing Costs and Enhancing Efficiency

Choosing the best app can significantly cut the costs of currency exchange. These apps offer better rates than banks and often reduce or remove extra fees.

For frequent users, the savings add up quickly. They also provide detailed reports and trends, helping you convert money when rates are best and maximizing every transaction’s value.

The Bottom Line on The Best Currency Converter App Options

The best currency converter app options merge accuracy with functionality, providing essential financial services directly through your device. They enable proactive management of currency fluctuations and help anticipate costs while traveling or trading.

Utilizing these apps can lead to smarter, more informed financial decisions.

For anyone dealing with currencies regularly, investing time in selecting the right app is as crucial as the financial transactions themselves.


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