7 of The Best Restaurant Websites To Inspire You in 2024


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Great restaurant websites are more than just online showcases of the delicious world of food. They’re key players in building a brand’s identity and engaging with customers.

Checking out the top names in the industry are doing can really pay off. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or looking to boost the online presence of a well-loved dining spot.

Coming up, I’m going to show you seven of the best restaurant website examples to help you with your design inspiration.

Let’s dive in.

7 Examples of the Best Restaurant Websites

These restaurant websites were picked because of:

  • Their stunning visuals,
  • Easy-to-use navigation,
  • And how well they show off their menu and vibe.

1. Momofuku Noodle Bar

momofuku website design

Momofuku Noodle Bar is a popular restaurant chain with locations in New York City, Las Vegas, and LA. Its website features a clean and modern design, stunning photographs of its dishes, and a simple yet effective navigation menu.

There’s not much you can’t do on this restaurant website – you can book a table, peruse the menu, order online, buy noodles for home cooking, or even sign up for their newsletter.

This website truly exemplifies the concept of a “one-stop-shop” for all things Momofuku.

screenshot of the shop page of the momofuku restaurant website screenshot of the shop page of the momofuku restaurant website

2. Quince

screenshot of the home page of the quince restaurant website screenshot of the home page of the quince restaurant website

Quince is a Michelin-starred restaurant located in San Francisco. Their website is minimalist and elegant, focusing on showcasing their contemporary cuisine.

You can book online, but the menu changes nightly. Much of the produce comes from their own kitchen gardens 30 miles north of San Francisco, which is why it’s not listed on the website. This creates a sense of exclusivity and excitement for diners.

The website features a detailed FAQ section covering everything you need to know, including dress code, child policy, and rules about taking photos or videos in the dining room. This website is as pure and sophisticated as the food and is unmistakably on-brand.

3. Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger is a beloved Seattle-based restaurant known for their modern Asian cuisine and upscale dining experience. The homepage is enough to make your mouth water, with beautiful full colors and high-quality images of delicious dishes (I really shouldn’t have looked at this website quite so close to lunchtime!).

Site visitors can reserve a table using their OpenTable plugin or order a takeaway via ChowNow. My favorite page of this website is the “Our Story” page, which documents how the restaurant was originally conceived.

screenshot of the our story page of the wild ginger restaurant website screenshot of the our story page of the wild ginger restaurant website

4. Disco Cheetah

screenshot of the disco cheetah restaurant website screenshot of the disco cheetah restaurant website

Disco Cheetah is a popular food truck and restaurant in Vancouver, Canada, serving up Korean fusion cuisine. Their website reflects their fun and playful brand with bright colors and funky graphics to grab visitors’ attention.

The restaurant website also includes a calendar showing where the truck will be parked each day and a link to its online ordering system, which allows for easy pickup or delivery.

This site offers many great features for visitors, such as downloadable menus for the restaurant and food truck, online ordering, and the ability to purchase gift cards, allowing customers to share their love for Disco Cheetah with friends.

5. Pizzeria Vetri

screenshot of the home page of the pizzeria vetri restaurant website screenshot of the home page of the pizzeria vetri restaurant website

Pizzeria Vetri is on top of their pizza game AND their website game!

There’s not much more value they could get out of this restaurant website. Explore the menu, reserve a spot in a pizza-making workshop, or ask about event catering or hiring their pizza van – all of these can be done through this site.

The Audioeye-powered accessibility widget follows you everywhere you go on the site to help you read the content if you need it.

The classy font, understated color scheme, and plenty of white space on this restaurant’s website make the vibrant images of gorgeous traditional stone-baked pizzas the stars of the show.

6. Lucha Libre Taco Shop

Lucha Libre Taco Shop is a Mexican wrestling-themed restaurant with multiple locations in San Diego, California. This great restaurant website design captures the fun and energetic atmosphere of the restaurant with bold colors, and it’s easy to navigate with clear call-to-action buttons to prompt visitors on the homepage.

The website showcases its menu items and truly reflects the unique personality of the Lucha Libre Taco Shop restaurant’s brand.

It’s hard to check out this great example of a modern website and not feel the urge to visit the restaurant in person to experience it for yourself. They’ve even got merch in their online store!

7. Meals by Genet

Rounding up our list of restaurant websites, Meals by Genet is an Ethiopian restaurant located in Los Angeles. The restaurant website tells Genet’s story of how she came to America in the 1980s and worked as a waitress, started in catering, and realized her dream of opening her own restaurant.

The photo gallery shows candid shots of day-to-day operations in the restaurant and photos of Genet’s family, who are obviously a big part of her “why” behind the business – bringing vibrant, traditional Ethiopian cuisine to LA.

Why Your Restaurant Should Have a Website

Enhancing your restaurant’s online presence with a well-designed website can attract new customers and retain regulars. Explore these essential benefits and features for your restaurant’s website:

  • Menu and Specials Display: An up-to-date online menu on your restaurant website allows potential customers to explore your culinary offerings, enticing them to visit. Highlighting daily specials or seasonal dishes can draw attention and frequent visits.
  • Easy Online Reservations: Implement a simple, user-friendly system for online bookings to improve the customer experience. This convenience encourages diners to choose your restaurant over competitors.
  • Effective Marketing Tool: Your restaurant website serves as a 24/7 advertisement for your restaurant, showcasing your unique dining environment, culinary expertise, and customer testimonials. This exposure is cost-effective compared to traditional marketing methods.
  • Competitive Advantage: A professional and modern restaurant website, especially one that is mobile-friendly, positions your restaurant as a contemporary choice in a competitive market.
  • Direct Online Ordering: Offering customers the option to order food directly from your website for delivery or pickup can increase sales while providing convenience to your customers.
  • Gathering Place for Essential Information: Use your website as a central hub for vital information such as location, business hours, contact details, and links to social media profiles. This consolidates your restaurant’s online presence and makes it easier for customers to connect with you.

To kickstart the branding or rebranding of your restaurant, consider exploring our hand-picked selections of restaurant name ideas and restaurant slogan suggestions for creative inspiration.

What Do The Best Restaurant Websites Have In Common?

A great restaurant website often has these essential features.

  • Slick design: Ensure your website highlights your restaurant’s unique vibe and cuisine. Include high-quality photos of your dishes and dining area, and choose colors and themes that match your brand. Make sure the navigation is simple and user-friendly.
  • Mobile compatibility: Considering our heavy use of smartphones for web browsing, ensuring your restaurant website is compatible with mobile devices is crucial for user satisfaction.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimizing your website for search engines can enhance your online visibility and outperform your competitors. Focus on using the appropriate keywords, decreasing image load times, and ensuring your pages load quickly. Check out our article on SEO for restaurants to learn more.
  • Simple booking process: Incorporate an easy-to-use booking system on your restaurant website, making it effortless for customers to reserve. This could increase your reservations.
  • Menu details: To attract potential customers, clearly display your menu, including dish descriptions and prices. Avoid using complex culinary terms and state the prices clearly.
  • Keep things fresh: Make sure your restaurant website stays current – think menus, opening times, and any cool deals you’ve got going. Regular touch-ups are not just good for keeping things interesting, but they’re also key for keeping your site safe and running smoothly.
  • Catchy call-to-action buttons: Use clear and inviting call-to-action prompts to direct online visitors to book a table, check out the menu, or contact the restaurant for special occasions.
  • Gallery: Display your restaurant’s interior and delicious dishes through an engaging gallery of inviting images. This method effectively attracts potential customers by allowing them to visualize themselves enjoying a meal at your location.

What Pages Should Your Own Restaurant Website Have?

To showcase your restaurant and draw in potential diners effectively, make sure your restaurant website design has these essential pages:

  • Home Page: This is where we roll out the welcome mat for visitors to your restaurant website. Capture their interest by highlighting what makes your restaurant special and make sure they can easily navigate around your site.
  • About Us: Here, you can discuss your restaurant’s concept and the passion that fuels you. You can also discuss your culinary approach and what diners can expect when they visit.
  • Menu: Present your dishes with mouth-watering descriptions and visuals, such as photos or videos, to entice your visitors. Whether it’s your signature dishes, seasonal menus, or special dietary options, ensure clarity to spark interest.
  • Online Booking: Include an online booking form on your restaurant website to make it convenient for customers to make a reservation. This saves time and effort and allows customers to easily see available times and book at their convenience.
  • Testimonials: Highlight reviews from satisfied customers. Their positive experiences can attract new patrons. Consider placing these testimonials prominently on your homepage or integrating them with your menu sections.
  • Contact Us: Include important contact details like phone numbers, email addresses, and your restaurant’s address. Add a map to simplify the process of planning a visit.
  • FAQs: To help diners feel more at ease about dining at your restaurant, be sure to answer common questions they might have, like how reservations work, what the dress code is, or where to park.
  • Blog: Start a blog to share your cooking tips, offer a behind-the-scenes look at your restaurant, announce upcoming events, and discuss the latest food trends. This will enrich your website’s visitor experience and could help improve your search engine ranking.

How Do I Create a Restaurant Website?

Building a classy restaurant website is easy and affordable with WordPress and BigScoots. WordPress lets you create an attractive website for your restaurant without needing to know how to code.

Use customizable themes and plugins to add features such as online bookings, menus, customer testimonials, and contact details to your site. This will make your site more user-friendly and improve the customer experience.

BigScoots ensures your restaurant website runs smoothly with its fast, secure, and reliable hosting services optimized for WordPress. This guarantees quick loading speeds and robust security against online threats.

Using WordPress with Bigscoots gives you a powerful set of tools to create an impressive restaurant website, helping you grow your business’s online presence.

Top Website Builder Options for Restaurants

Picking the right theme for your restaurant’s website is crucial for a professional online presence and a smooth experience for users. GeneratePress and Astra are my top picks for a restaurant website due to their quick load times, easy customization, and compatibility with popular page builders.

  • GeneratePress provides a sleek, minimalist design that helps your website load quickly. Its effective design improves your restaurant’s online presence and search engine visibility.
  • Astra is known for its wide selection of templates that are ready to use, which makes it easy to find a design that fits your restaurant’s atmosphere and allows for a quick website launch. Astra combines ease of use with strong performance, perfect for displaying your menu and setting in an attractive and easy-to-access way.

Using GeneratePress or Astra on your restaurant website can make it look better and easier to use, helping turn more visitors into regular customers.

Final Thoughts – Best Restaurant Websites

A well-designed restaurant website is a strong marketing tool. It can attract customers and help build your reputation as a top food spot. So, it’s important to follow the best practices from top restaurant websites to boost your online presence.

Start working on your restaurant’s website today and see the amazing transformation it’ll make to your place.


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