Calendly Launches New Tool to Simplify Meeting Scheduling for Small Businesses


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Calendly has introduced a new browser extension that makes it easier for businesses to manage their meetings directly from the web. This new tool is designed to help users book and adjust meetings without having to switch between different applications, which is a common productivity killer in today’s workplaces.

Calendly’s new extension aims to cut down on wasted time by allowing users to handle all their meeting needs in one place, directly from their internet browser.

The extension is gaining popularity among major companies like DocuSign and CI Assante Wealth Management, the company says, who have praised its ability to streamline processes and save time. Gabriele Borges de Souza, from DocuSign, noted that the tool allows them to book follow-up meetings or make changes to appointments instantly, eliminating the need to send additional emails and thus saving valuable time.

Available for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers, and as an add-on for Outlook, the extension offers several features that improve meeting management:

  • Centralized meeting view: Users can see all their meetings in one place, making it easier to decide whether to join, cancel, or reschedule.
  • Access to contact details and history: Before a meeting starts, users can review who will attend and their previous interactions.
  • Ability to schedule for others: Users can schedule meetings on behalf of team members, enhancing collaboration.

Calendly is planning to add more features soon, including the option to prioritize more important meetings by booking over less critical ones.

Stephen Hsu, Calendly’s Chief Product Officer, emphasized the tool’s benefits, saying, “Our extension is designed to reduce unnecessary clicks and integrate smoothly into users’ existing workflows, making their day more productive and allowing them to focus on what really matters.”

This release follows Calendly’s recent announcement of its Calendly Routing feature, which integrates with HubSpot CRM to help sales and marketing teams manage new customer inquiries more efficiently.


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