El Salvador Launches Website to Track $360M Bitcoin Treasury


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El Salvador made history in 2021 when it became the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender under the leadership of President Nayib Bukele. This pioneering decision has enabled significant financial improvements throughout the small Central American nation.

El Salvador yesterday Launched Its website tracks its holdings from the National Bitcoin Vault to reinforce its commitment to Bitcoin transparency.

The platform is hosted at bitcoin.gob.svprovides real-time data on the country's Bitcoin reserves.

Using public information from Bukele's tweets and blockchain data, the site details how the country has amassed more than 5,748 bitcoins worth approximately $360 million.

This stock has been built up since 2021 through daily purchases of 1 BTC, larger bulk purchases, and geothermal mining.

Earlier, Bukele issued a Bitcoin address to people to monitor the country's properties. Now, the new website verifies this information and provides a general guide to the reserves.

The launch of this platform represents a major step towards financial transparency in government operations. By capitalizing on Bitcoin's innate reputation, El Salvador continues to lead the way.

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Despite short-term fluctuations, the country actually has $57 million Unrealized profit Because of effective dollar cost averaging.

Bitcoin treasury tracker El Salvador promotes openness and trust in its leading Bitcoin strategy.

This economic experiment and embrace of Bitcoin sets an example for other countries that should follow suit. The site should also help attract more Bitcoin investment and innovation in El Salvador.

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