How Liz Wilcox from Survivor Makes $40k/Month With Email Marketing!


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Looking to grow your email list?

Liz Wilcox is here to help. She’s worn many hats:

  • A former Survivor contestant (yep, the reality TV show)
  • RV blogger
  • Virtual assistant

But above all – she’s an email growth expert joining us with awesome tips and tricks to help you connect with your target audience and make good money doing it!

And she’s an absolutely great example to learn from – she was featured as a Niche Pursuits’ success story in 2023 (link below), making $20k per month, and has since “doubled that!”

Watch The Interview

Email marketing helped revolutionize Liz Wilcox’s business.

Over the years, she’s scaled her email marketing efforts, refined her lead magnets, and boosted conversions.

During this process, she developed her innovative “email staircase method.” This is a strategic approach to converting followers into friends by building authentic and lasting connections with subscribers and, ultimately – lasting customers.

Infusing personality and relatability into email content is crucial for fostering these connections with an audience.

She has lots of practical tips to help, like crafting effective welcome sequences and evaluating performance to enhance engagement and conversion rates.

This not only helps with connections and authenticity but also with finding your own niche.

She also discusses the importance of setting clear expectations, sharing values, and offering a mix of free and paid products in welcome sequences to nurture a loyal subscriber base.

Tripwire offers transparent communication and strategic sales placements within newsletters to help her nudge subscribers from passive to paid. And she prioritizes products that address the needs she’s found interacting with her audience.

Check out the episode to learn all about the transformative effects of starting with a well-crafted welcome sequence, engaging newsletters, and more!

Topics Liz Wilcox Covers

  • The significance of email marketing
  • How to build an email list
  • Creating compelling lead magnets
  • Optimizing welcome sequences
  • Email staircase method
  • Sharing personality-driven welcome sequences
  • Optimizing lead magnets based on your target market
  • Transitioning subscribers from free to paid mindset
  • Monetization strategies
  • Using ChatGPT for customer research
  • Visibility strategies
  • And more!



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