How Stephen Regenold Grew His Site to 10 Million Monthly Views


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Ready to hear how this journalist leveraged his content writing and industry experience to build a media empire?

He started as a local journalist in Minneapolis, then reported for the New York Times, then created a site called Gear Junkie.

And today, he shares great insights into how he did it. How he:

  • Grew the site to millions of monthly visitors and millions in revenue,
  • Sold it at the start of Covid,
  • And then came back on to help grow an even bigger outdoor media powerhouse.

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Stephen Regenold is a true digital media success story.

Around 2010, when print media was starting to really feel the effects of the Internet, he decided to start his own outdoor blog.

Early in his online journey, Steven made wise decisions in the site’s revenue model for direct ad sales, affiliate commerce, and SEO strategies.

These, combined with some viral luck when a term they helped coin was being considered for the Oxford Dictionary, helped the brand become a massive success.

(He also touches on how video content, from shorts to documentaries, played a crucial role in their strategy.)

Gear Junkie’s achievements led to multi-million dollar revenue and partnerships with major brands, positioning the site and its editors as an influencer proposition. They engaged audiences through influencers like YouTubers and Instagram personalities, along with their SEO success.

In 2018, acquisition offers started pouring in, and Gear Junkie eventually sold to Lola Digital in 2020. Post-acquisition, the company rebranded as All Gear Digital, raising $40 million, making eight additional acquisitions, growing into an outdoor media conglomerate, and bringing back Stephen to help them grow.

This was well-timed as the outdoor industry saw surprising growth during the pandemic, with a surge of interest in outdoor activities and gear.

Stephen discusses how All Gear Digital’s brands are doing today, providing numbers and sharing strategies for adding value to conversations and maintaining a unique voice in a competitive space. As a result of all this, you won’t believe how long their dwell time on site is.

Don’t miss it!

Topics Stephen Regenold Covers

  • The transition from traditional journalism to digital media
  • Revenue strategies, including affiliate commerce, SEO, and direct ad sales
  • Importance of video content and potential focus on YouTube
  • Influencer marketing in the outdoor gear industry
  • Acquisition and growth strategies of Gear Junkie and All Gear Digital
  • Impact of the pandemic on outdoor activities and industry growth
  • Strategies for content creation, audience engagement, and revenue generation
  • Managing multiple websites and media buying
  • Establishing a unique voice in the online space



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