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In today’s article, we will understand how to add nominee in PNB One app without visiting the branch.

Follow these steps to add a Nominee

  • First log in PNB One app with your four-digit MPIN
  • Then go to Services (bottom left in App)
  • Here you will find the Other
  • In Other -> You will find “Register/Update Nominee”
  • Click on it and then select “Account Number” for which you want to register or update Nominee details.
  • Enter Nominee Name, Nominee Relation, Address, City, State, PIN DOB of Nominee, Nominee Share Percent
  • Then press “Confirm”
  • Next, a pre-confirmation window will open. Please verify the details that you have entered and if all is okay click on “Submit”
  • An OTP will received on your registered mobile phone number.
  • Enter OTP and your Nominee will be registered.

As a confirmation, you can also download Nominee Registration or Updation certificate from PNB One. You will also receive a msg from PNB that your nominee has been registered/updated.

Well done! You have successfully registered a nominee to your account. But I will recommend you to read What is Nominee and What are the rules of RBI regarding a Nominee.

Let’s start

Who is a nominee?

A nominee is any person who is nominated by the account holder so that, in the event of his or her death, the nominated person will be the custodian of his or her account.

It is framed under the Banking Companies (Nomination) Rules, 1985, and together with the provision of new Sections 45ZA to 45ZF of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949, regarding nomination facilities, it was brought into force with effect from 1985.

RBI Rules for Nominee

Let us know what the RBI guidelines are with respect to nominees.

The RBI, in its Master Circular on Customer Service in Banks, sets the following guidelines for handing over the account to a nominee in the event of the death of the account holder:

Facility Nomination Rule
Safe Deposit Locker In order to ensure that the amount of deposits, articles left in safe custody and contents of lockers are returned to the genuine nominee, as also to verify the proof of death, banks may devise their own claim formats or follow the procedure, if any, suggested by the Indian Banks’ Association for the purpose.
Sole Proprietary Banks may extend the nomination facility also in respect of deposits held in the name of a sole proprietary concern.
Single Deposit Accounts If the person opening the account does not want to nominate, the bank should ask him to give a specific letter to the effect that he does not want to make a nomination.

In case the person opening the account declines to give such a letter, the bank should record the fact on the account opening form and proceed with opening of the account if otherwise found eligible. Under no circumstances, a bank should refuse to open an account solely on the ground that the person opening the account refused to nominate.

Fixed Deposits There cannot be more than one nominee in respect of a joint deposit account. In the case of a joint deposit account the nominee’s right arises only after the death of all the depositors.

Watch Video – How to add nominee in PNB One App

YouTube Video – How to add Nominee in PNB One App


How do I add a nominee to my PNB App?

Login in PNB One, Go to Services, Then Other and Then Register/ Update Nominee. Then Select your account and add or update nominee details.

How can I change my nominee in PNB one?

Login in PNB One, Go to Services, Then Other and Then Register/ Update Nominee. Then Select your account and add or update nominee details.

How can I change my nominee in PNB one?

Login in PNB One, Go to Services, Then Other and Then Register/ Update Nominee. Then Select your account and add or update nominee details.

How can I add account in PNB one?

If you have a savings account with Punjab National Bank and have also registered for the PNB One App, then your account will automatically be added to PNB One.

Can I add nominee online?

Yes, you can nominee online through your Bank Mobile Banking or Internet Banking

Is it mandatory to add nominee in bank account?

No, it is not mandatory, but the account holder must register a nominee to avoid delay in the claim after the account holder’s death.

What happens if a nominee is not registered?

If the nominee is not registered, then after the death of the account holder, the proceeds of the account will transfer to legal heirs on successful verification.

Who will get money if nominee dies?

Appointee of Nominee, and if appointee is not registered then as per court order.


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