How to Get a Job Removing Spam Comments From Home in 2024


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Are you looking for an easy way to make money from home without a crash course in business or other side hustles? If you can remove spam comments, this job might be the right fit for you. And you won’t need a degree in website security or another more specific field. In fact, you can start working this type of job in a flash. 

What should you know about earning more money from home simply by eliminating fake reviews and spam comments? 

I cover it all below!

You want to get started with your new position at the earliest date possible. There are several places you can turn to find one of these lucrative positions. Here are some great starting points to help you locate the job of your dreams. 

Helping Yelp’s Mission to Bolster Local Businesses

Yelp  is perhaps the most well-known company out there, and it is hiring people to remove spam comments. They pride themselves on creating an excellent user experience for anyone seeking reviews of a business in their local area. As a result, it’s important to them that all reviews and comments be authentic.

If it only takes you a few seconds to spot a fake review, then Yelp might be willing to pay top dollar for your expertise to make their platform more user-friendly. 

You can search to see if Yelp has any available positions on their content moderation team here. 

Upwork and Fiverr for More Remote Opportunities

Of course, there are lots of other options for platforms where you can work remotely. Two of the most popular sites for odd jobs and contract work are Upwork and Fiverr. 

Upwork allows clients to post an available position and accept proposals from freelancers who meet the requirements. As a freelancer, you get to set your rates and schedule. I’ve worked on Upwork and can attest to how easy it is to get started. That being said, a tip I can give you from my own experience is that you may want to have a look at a client’s budget before bidding to save yourself some time and effort. 

Fiverr works the opposite way. Freelancers post the skills they can be hired for and their rates. A client can peruse the listings and find someone with the skills and pricing that suit them. You do very little of the heavy lifting to find these remote opportunities for work beyond setting up a profile. 

Imagine that you’re scanning the listings for local businesses that do the kind of work you need. You look for positive reviews no matter what type of business you want. Almost half of all people trust reviews to give an accurate view of a brand. Personally, I always make a point to check out reviews before deciding on a product or service.

The problem is that spam comments can skew the perception of a business’s reputation.

User-generated content is hard to monitor unless a company has someone to specifically keep tabs on their comments section. The goal is to ensure the best user experience for a potential customer and to give them an accurate picture of what a brand offers. 

If you remove spam comments, your job is going to be to strike the fakes from the record. You should know the patterns of spam and how to spot a fake review in just a few seconds. Some might be easy to spot, such as those written in other languages. However, some may be tricky to pinpoint. 

This difficulty is why some people are saying goodbye to blog comments. 

Why Businesses Pay to Remove Spam

Content moderation is an important component of a company’s online footprint. When you open your browser to view their reviews and page, they want prospective customers to get a good feel for what they have to offer. Why would they pay someone like you to remove spam from their page? 

Oftentimes, it comes down to the reliability of their website. They want users to get the information that they came here for and that’s impossible if the comments section is cluttered with spam.

It becomes a lot harder for customers to correctly determine which comments are legitimate, which are the result of paid reviews, and which come from unreputable sources. With this confusion and an inability to view this website correctly, businesses risk losing a connection to their audience. 

If your cover letter proves that you can respond to a crisis with an influx of spam comments, they might be willing to pay top dollar for you to report and remove them. 

Job Titles to Search for in this Role

You have your cover letter polished and ready to submit on some of the job sites that we looked at early in the article. The question is: what job titles should you search for if you want to put your skills to the test? A job removing spam comments might go by several different names, including: 

  • Spam moderator
  • Content moderation expert
  • Data processing specialist
  • User operations associate
  • Trust manager
  • Reputation management.

Be sure to read the description of a job post before you respond. You might be surprised by the creative names people use for this role. 

Whether you work to remove fake comments from a YouTube channel or specialize in moderating a site for a thriving online business, you should know what’s in it for you. Here are some benefits of a spam comment removal job. 

Flexible Schedule with No Office Commutes

Can you believe that people spend about a half-hour on a one-way commute to the office? Get more time back in your day, which can ultimately help you to earn more with a remote position. These jobs typically feature work-from-home options that allow you to set your own schedule. 

As long as you’re keeping up with the workload, what time of day you work matters very little. 

Imagine what you could do with an extra hour in your day. You might be able to work a little harder and earn more money. Five hours a week could mean an extra $500 per month or more. Your earnings are capped only by your work ethic and the number of hours you choose to work. 

Independent Work Opportunities

Some people prefer the joys of working on a team, but many people relish independent work activities. If you don’t have to rely on someone else verifying your work, proceeding with what comes next is as easy as it comes. You can let your expertise shine without worrying about anyone else taking credit for your work. 

Some companies allow you to work on a team, sharing knowledge with others. However, the ability to work independently is a great asset for a job removing spam comments. 

No Education Required

Want to earn more money but don’t want to go back to school to earn a new degree? The good news is that you don’t have to worry about complex things like website security. Instead, you can focus on the connection between removing spam and improving the user experience. 

And you don’t need any fancy skills to do that. 

For more ideas on work from home jobs with no experience required, see our full guide here. 

Generous Pay for Easy Work

If you’re looking for a job removing spam comments, then you may want to first review what the going rate is for this service. Responding to comments and promoting authentic engagement is easy work — and it pays well too! 

According to Zip Recruiter, the national average for a remove spam comments job is around $21 per hour but could reach about $30 per hour with experience. Many people turn to large outlets like Yelp that will allow them to earn about $700 to $1,000 per week. 

With all this information at your fingertips, it’s time to decide whether a job removing spam comments is the right place for you to land. If you identify with the benefits and skills necessary to improve a review platform, then you should consider one of these roles! 


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