Organic SEO Services That Help Rankings, Traffic, and Earnings in 2024


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Every website owner wants to increase site traffic without paying an arm and a leg for new leads. For many, search engine optimization is the answer to ranking higher on Google. The question is: What are organic SEO services, and will they help you get more traction, leads, and sales? 

The good news is that there are many SEO services available that can help you appear in organic search results (as opposed to paid advertising or sponsored locations). 

Curious how organic SEO services work and why you need them? Let’s dive in!

What are Organic SEO Services & How Do They Help? 

When you look at Google’s search results, you are likely paying attention to two things: the sponsored links at the top of the page and then whatever follows naturally. Many users are less inclined to click on the paid advertising spots because they know these links are more likely to sell than provide the information they need or want. 

Organic SEO services help you rank higher in the search results that follow, giving you more longevity with your strategy and decreasing spend over the long haul. 

Google ranks relevant and authoritative websites, something every business aims to deliver.

If you want to boost your organic SEO strategy, then you need to prove to search engines that you have the experience their users want.

There are lots of ways that organic SEO services can build out your website and increase site traffic (more on this in a minute). However, let’s take a closer look at why your organic SEO strategies matter. 

Why an Organic SEO Strategy Matters

Consider some of these benefits SEO experts build into their strategies to boost your organic search results. 

Long-Lasting Results in the Search Engines

When you pay for advertising, your traffic tends to decrease again as soon as the paid campaign ends. On the other hand, organic traffic is much longer-lasting and can fuel your website traffic for months or even years to come. 

At first, you may not notice the gains as quickly as you would with PPC ads. But once you hit your stride with some of the items on our checklist below, you will find that organic traffic from the search engine can fuel an increasing number of your new leads. 

Once you have content on your website, that content exists for a lifetime.

If you initially do the legwork to find relevant keywords and conduct an SEO audit, you just might find that your content ranks on a search engine even when you turn off paid advertising spending. 

More Clicks for First-Page Results on SERPs

Did you know that more than 25 perc ent of people click on the first result on Google? It is incredible if you can command that top position, but it can also be disheartening if you are a few positions lower. The same study found that the tenth position gets a mere 2.5 percent of the clicks. 

If your website appears in the first three results on Google, you’ll get more clicks (and more leads). 

More Cost-Effective than Paid Advertising

As we already looked at, paid advertising means your traffic likely dries up when the money stops flowing. You invest again and again, but you don’t get long-term traffic results. In comparison, you can make much more with digital marketing and organic SEO services because the results last for months or years. 

That means you make a one-time investment in content creation and keyword research. Then, the same content continues to rank repeatedly, even after you pay a freelancer to write it. 

Think about how many more clicks you’ll get and how much visibility will increase in the search rankings. It’s often a one-time cost (or a monthly retainer for ongoing organic SEO campaigns), but the results increase if you do your homework properly the first time. 

What to Look for in an Effective Organic SEO Strategy

When it comes to creating an SEO strategy, you need to know the most important components that can put you ahead of the competition. Make sure that any SEO services you hire include the following items in your monthly (or one-time project) costs. 

Of course, these are also areas where you could learn to do your own SEO work if you’re inclined to save a little money and learn the fundamentals for your long-term use. 

Keyword Research and Content Creation

One of the first things you will need to do to boost rankings is to know what people are searching for on Google. Finding relevant keywords is the foundation of any service because there is no sense in ranking for terms that aren’t popular enough to drive significant traffic back to your page. 

Once you know what people are searching for, many SEO experts will also help you create content that aligns with those keywords. Many websites benefit from blogs and articles, which can create a more fleshed-out website with lots of evergreen content people are always looking for. 

Of course, you could perform keyword research using premium tools like Keysearch or Semrush for a DIY approach to organic SEO services. We have a breakdown of the best keyword research tools here or see our full guide to keyword research. 

On-Page Optimization

You might hear organic SEO services refer to your “on-page SEO” and wonder exactly what they mean. You can enhance an existing website in many ways to bolster your rankings in the SERPs. It’s great for both users and search engines alike because it makes the website more intuitive to navigate. 

For example, it might refer to your URLs, metadata, title tags, and internal linking strategy. 

Perhaps most importantly, organic SEO specialists will ensure that your pages align with the real search intent of customers seeking out an online business like yours. This means that keyword research will be crucial to determining what people really want from your page. 

Another way to direct the search engine rankings back to your page is to prove that you’re offering the best content you can. The more high-quality websites that link back to you, the more likely Google is to give you a higher organic search ranking. 

The emphasis here should be on high-quality websites. In other words, links from spammy websites aren’t going to cut it for your link building. You might be able to rack them up quickly, but any organic SEO agency will tell you it’s mostly useless. 

I like to look at the domain authority of the websites that link back to me, which you can do with Moz’s Domain Authority Checker

Be sure to see our other guide here on how to build links for niche sites! 

Technical SEO 

Last but not least, you should also cast your attention to your technical SEO and off-page optimization. It isn’t something that you can see with the naked eye like content creation or keyword research, but it is just as vital to long-term website traffic. 

For example, technical SEO looks at items like:

  • Website loading speed
  • Indexed pages and crawlability
  • Mobile-optimization
  • Site architecture
  • Duplicate content.

Semrush offers a free website audit to help you think about where your site could improve. Not only does this provide you with valuable insight into where you currently stand, but it can also give you a clearer roadmap for where you need to go to the first page of the search results. 

What Do Organic SEO Services Cost? 

The real question for many site builders is whether organic SEO services are going to fit into the budget. While you can drum up short-term visibility with pay-per-click ads, it won’t sustain your site like organic SEO does. See our full comparison of SEO vs PPC here. 

You could manage your SEO strategy entirely on your own, which would give you the most bang for your buck. A DIY strategy is essentially free minus the cost of the tools you use for keyword research. I like to use Keysearch (premium) and Google Keyword Planner (free) to target the perfect keywords in my niche. 

However, not every site owner has the writing skills to create content. You may need to hire a freelancer who can help you execute your content strategy. Most of the time, writers like me are paid by the word, and SEO services will run you from $0.08 to $0.20 per word, plus the cost of keyword research tools. 

On the other hand, you could hire one of the organic SEO services below. The retainer cost for organic SEO companies will typically cost somewhere in the ballpark of $1,000 to $3,000 per month. 

4 Best Organic SEO Services

You know you need an SEO company to help you optimize your existing strategy. Where can you turn for comprehensive services that will get you to the top of the search engine results pages? Your SEO strategies will benefit from the assistance of these four services. 

WebFX: Best for Comprehensive Services

If you aren’t sure where to start with an organic SEO company, WebFX is one of the best for a more comprehensive look at what’s going on. They feature an SEO audit (on-page, off-page, and technical SEO) to see where you shine right now. 

Additionally, WebFX offers competitor analysis, engaging written copy, and access to its proprietary marketing software (MarketingCloudFX). 

Be prepared to pay for access to their services with plans starting at $3,000 per month. They work with your existing goals and a detailed analysis of current organic search results to determine the pricing (which means you may end up spending slightly more).

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency: Best for 90-Day Plans on a Budget

Maybe you’re more interested in earning a few quick wins with your SEO strategy. The services from Thrive Internet Marketing Agency will get the ball rolling with their 90-day plans (which are often more budget-friendly than WebFX). 

This organic SEO company has been around since 2005, making it a proven candidate for a quick and effective campaign. They take care of everything you need to show up in search engine results pages: keyword research, link building, on-page SEO and technical SEO, local SEO, and even content writing. 

Expect to pay $1,000 per month or more to boost your position in the search engines. 

Joseph Studios: Best for Long-Term Planning

Unlike Thrive, Joseph Studios takes a much longer-term look at your organic search results. They know that search engine optimization takes time, which is why they create a year-long roadmap for how SEO can bolster your visibility. With their help, you can:

  • Create a content marketing strategy and produce content
  • Audit on-page and technical SEO errors
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Expand your reach
  • Boost rankings in the search engine results pages.

They offer free consultations to see how they can help you with their organic SEO services, so you have nothing to lose by reaching out to them. 

Ignite Visibility: Best for High-End SEO Services

When your budget allows for a hefty investment in organic search engine optimization, you may want to invest in a premium service. Ignite Visibility is known for its digital marketing campaigns that can help with everything from content creation to PPC advertising. 

In other words, they can help you make a robust plan to improve overall search traffic.

That being said, they are a more expensive service. Most clients pay at least $5,000 for the full-service management with their nationally recognized team. But they don’t have long-term contracts, proving that they are confident they can get you results and keep your business. 

Final Thoughts: Which Organic SEO Services Do You Need?

To maximize your digital marketing, you need to ensure your website receives plenty of organic traffic. You can implement some of these SEO strategies on your own or enlist the help of professional SEO services to kickstart your progress. 

No matter how you decide to proceed, organic search engine optimization is worth your time and any financial investment you might make. 


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