Wix Launches New Tool to Help Small Businesses Manage Contracts and Payments


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Wix.com (NASDAQ: WIX) just introduced Wix Proposals, a new feature developed in partnership with Prospero, a top proposal software company. This new tool is designed to make it easier for small businesses to handle financial dealings over the long term, including sending out professional proposals and managing payment schedules.

Wix Proposals combines the strengths of Wix’s business management features with Prospero’s well-regarded proposal templates. This integration allows users to create customized proposals that can include a variety of elements like logos, images, videos, and tables, making each proposal look professional and tailored to specific business needs.

Asaf Remler, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Wix, explained the benefits of this new tool. “Wix Proposals gives business owners everything they need to easily create, manage, and finalize proposals,” said Remler. “With its user-friendly design and powerful features, we think it’s going to change the way businesses across different industries manage their proposal processes.”

One key feature of Wix Proposals is the Payment Scheduler, which lets businesses set up either one-time payments or multiple payments over time for each project. This feature is linked to an automated invoicing system that ensures invoices are sent to clients on pre-set dates via email. The tool also supports digital signatures, adding an extra layer of security and authenticity to contracts.

Tomer Aharon, Co-Founder and CEO of Prospero, emphasized the strategic role of proposals in business. “Proposals are more than documents—they’re essential for making a good first impression, pitching your business, and sealing deals,” said Aharon. “With Wix Proposals, businesses can craft compelling proposals that not only capture attention but also win contracts.”


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