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Tell me if you can relate to this: The time comes for you to buy something new. Maybe it’s something big and expensive, like a refrigerator. Or maybe it’s something small and insignificant, like a spatula.

Either way, you suddenly feel a sense of anxiety—a need to know: What is the ~best~ possible option I can buy within my budget range? And thus begins the endless rabbit hole of online research.

‘Twas a time when you might just waltz into a physical store, look at the few available options in front of you, and pick one right then and there, on the spot. No more. Nowadays, we have an infinite amount of opinions and allegedly expert assessments at our fingertips 24/7. And that means the onus is on us to dig through that data, read all the top this-or-that listicles and related Reddit threads, and come to a conclusive answer as to what the ~best~ possible product might be in any particular category and price range.

It’s a lot of pressure—and a lot of work. But hang on, my fellow anxious animal, for there is now a better way.

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The best stuff—simplified, by AI

If there’s one thing AI is good for, it’s assessing massive mountains of information and boiling it down into an easily digestible summary.

And that’s exactly what today’s Cool Tool is all about. It’s a super-simple, single-purpose site that’ll help you find the ~best~ of anything you need (or maybe just want!) to buy.

➜ The tool is called Claros.

⌚ It’ll help you identify the best all-around product in virtually any category in roughly seven seconds—based on research from trusted review websites along with known user forums like Reddit.

✅ Using it really couldn’t be much easier, either:

  • You just open up the Claros website in any browser on any device in front of you.
  • That’ll show you a single simple box with one prompt:
One prompt, endless power.
  • You type in whatever it is you’re looking for—”the best suitcase,” “the best Android phone available,” or whatever it is that’s on your mind.
  • Claros will instantly pop up prompts for you to narrow down your search based on your budget and a bunch of item-specific qualities that might matter to you.
Claros’s filters let you drill down into any specific sort of product you want.

Once you finish your selections, Claros takes a quick beat to analyze the request and then gives you a single all-around recommendation based on your specific needs and desires.

Claros gives you a single, simple recommendation with plenty of context and extra options.

You can click the box at the top of the results to see exactly what steps Claros took to research the product for you—including which articles or forum threads it read, which stores it searched, and which possible products it analyzed to reach its conclusion.

You can also see alternate options a little lower on the page, and if you for any reason aren’t quite satisfied with Claros’s recommendation, you can use filters or a text box to narrow down the search further and ask for something different.

In most cases, though, I’ve found the advice to be surprisingly on point. When I asked Claros for the best Android phone available in the $600 to $1,000 range, for instance, the site suggested I look at the Pixel 8 Pro—which is the same phone I personally own and recommend for most people.

When I asked for the best Android phone available for $200 to $500, it dug up and recommended a refurbished Pixel 7 that Amazon had available for $384—a pretty awesome find and a killer deal for that price. If someone asked me the same question, I’d absolutely suggest they pick up the Pixel 7 as an exceptional option for that amount of money (though I probably wouldn’t have realized that Amazon had the phone, which is normally priced at $600, on sale for that cheap!).

  • You can get to Claros on the web in any browser you like—no downloads or installations required.
  • The service is completely free to use. (It appears to make money by attaching affiliate codes onto the various product purchase links it shows you.)
  • It has an optional sign-in function, if you want to save your search history, but you don’t have to sign in to use it or provide any manner of personal info.

Claros, like most AI, ultimately still relies on human experience and intelligence to serve up its suggestions. But it’s a brilliant way to sift through lots of that data in seconds flat and eliminate the anxiety of never fully knowing if you’ve truly found the ~best~ option out there.

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