Top 11+ Jungle Scout Alternatives (Free & Paid) in 2024


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Looking for the best free Jungle Scout alternatives?

Jungle Scout is the go-to platform for millions when it comes to selling on Amazon.

However, it’s not perfect (or cheap) by any means. Most new sellers often complain of its technical interface and costly plans.

But don’t worry! In this article, we will go over the best Jungle Scout alternatives on the market—great for beginners or established store owners.

Let’s jump right in:

Top 7 Free Jungle Scout Alternatives

Growing your Amazon store doesn’t necessarily have to come at a cost.

With these top 7 free Jungle Scout alternatives, you can rapidly scale and optimize your FBA business without spending a single penny on purchasing costly tools or software.

Let’s take a look:

1. Helium10: Best Option Overall


Helium 10 is a popular all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers and the strongest Jungle Scout alternative of the bunch.

While both platforms boast features like product research, keyword research, and listing optimization, Helium 10 sets itself apart by focusing on data accuracy. This translates to a clearer picture of potential product performance, helping you make profitable decisions for your business.

Helium10 is also loaded with a huge database of keywords stretching back to 2019, allowing you to track product trends over a longer period.

On the listing optimization front, Helium 10’s Index Checker offers a deeper analysis of your product listing than Jungle Scout. It identifies optimization opportunities so your product ranks higher in search results, a key factor in driving sales.

Most importantly, Helium 10 offers a free plan with limited features so you can test the waters before committing.

If you prioritize data-driven decision-making, more extensive features, and the flexibility of a free plan, Helium 10 is the perfect free Jungle Scout alternative.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Market Tracking: Monitor competitor listings, spot emerging trends, and analyze market shifts across Amazon’s global platforms.
  • ASINs Tracking Insights: Track sales rank, historical data, and pinpoint opportunities for specific ASINs to leverage competitor weaknesses.
  • Chrome Extension: Integrate Helium 10’s Chrome extension with Amazon Seller Central to access real-time product research.
  • Amazon API Throttling Defense: Make more frequent API calls and retrieve data smoothly with Helium10’s throttling defense.
  • Rich Learning Resources: Become a better seller with courses, tutorials, and a community forum.


Helium10 has a free plan that lets you test most of its tools within daily limits.

Pricing for paid plans starts from:

  • Starter: $39 per month
  • Platinum: $99 per month
  • Diamond: $279 per month

You can also get 25% off on annual subscription.

Want a closer look? Check out our full Helium10 Review: A Great Tool To Grow Your Amazon FBA Business.

2. AMZScout: Best For Beginners


If you’re new to Amazon selling or focusing on white-label products, you may find AMZScout better suited for your needs than Jungle Scout. 

AMZScout simplifies finding profitable niches with user-friendly guides and a product database of over 600 million items. Its product-hunting tools and built-in calculators and graphs help you identify top-selling SKUs with potential for personal branding.

One of AMZScout’s best features is its Reverse ASIN Lookup and Keyword Tracker Chrome extension. Using both, new sellers can identify high-potential keywords and trending complementary products to boost their PPC campaigns and generate more sales.

Compared to Jungle Scout, AMZScout is the cheaper option with a free trial and lifetime plan. Customer support is top-notch on both platforms, with AMZScout offering WhatsApp consultations.

Key Features

  • Massive Item Library: View stats for 600+ million products across various platforms to find top-selling items in any category.
  • Top Product Listings: Discover high-potential products effortlessly with curated lists ranking in Amazon’s top 1%.
  • Powerful PRO Extension: View sales analytics, estimate profits, and supplier database with AMZScout’s PRO Extension.
  • Alibaba Integration: Connect with Alibaba for direct supplier sourcing from the research tool.
  • PPC Campaigns: Optimize your Amazon presence with advanced PPC campaign support tailored to boost your sales.


You can test out AMZScout with a permanent, non-card free trial with daily limits.

To keep things simple, there’s just one paid plan for AMZScout.

Discounts vary on payment periods starting at:

  • Monthly: $49.99 per month
  • Yearly: $379.99 per year
  • Lifetime: $1,599.99 once

AMZScout also offers a bunch of add-ons for dropshipping and arbitrage. Each plan comes with a 10-day money back guarantee.

3. SellerApp: Great Sales Features


SellerApp is another well-rounded Jungle Scout alternative you can use to optimize your Amazon selling strategy.

This tool has everything you need to kickstart your Amazon selling journey without paying a dime. You can find highly accurate product and keyword research tools, listing optimization , and PPC campaign management in one user-friendly platform.

A distinguishing feature of SellerApp is its advanced analytics powered by ML (machine learning). Its algorithm forecasts sales and PPC keyword trends to prepare you for profitable decisions in advance.

With a ‘free forever’ plan for up to 50 ASINs and personalized onboarding, SellerApp is a great beginner tool for Amazon sellers unwilling to splurge on tools like Jungle Scout.

Key Features

  • PPC Automation Tools: Boost efficiency with SellerApp’s PPC automation for sustained profitability.
  • Business Monitoring Tools: Track revenue, ads, and visibility metrics with a suite of advanced monitoring tools.
  • AI-Powered Listing Optimization: Generate top-notch titles, descriptions, and images AI listing optimizer for higher conversion rates.
  • Real-Time Sales Tracking: Monitor sales, costs, and profits on the fly with real-time tracking for informed decisions.
  • Business Alerts: Get notified of crucial changes like product rankings or sales velocity shifts.


SellerApp comes with a free plan that lets you optimize up to 50 ASINs.

Pricing for paid plans starts from:

  • DIY Professional Plan: $50 per month
  • Smart Plan (w/ Automation): $149 per month

Pricing for both plans varies depending on no. of ASINs, Total Monthly Spend, and Total Monthly Revenue your store is generating.

Annual discount of 50% is also applicable on both paid plans.

4. AmazeOwl


AmazeOwl is a powerful product research tool for Amazon sellers seeking budget-friendly free Jungle Scout alternatives. 

With a library of 600+ million products, AmazeOwl helps you identify high-potential products across 11 marketplaces. The platform gives each product a 5-star rating to help you analyze demand and profit potential.

You can also track competitor pricing and keyword search volume, get alerted to new entrants, and monitor keywords to stay ahead of the pack with AmazeOwl.

It’s worth noting that Jungle Scout is the more ‘complete’ option with a huge supplier database, AI tools, and PPC optimization features.

But if you just need a free product research tool with no advanced options, AmazeOwl is the perfect starting point for a new Amazon seller.

Key Features

  • Multiple Marketplace Support: Expand your reach globally with research and tracking capabilities across 11 Amazon marketplaces.
  • Click and Revenue Keyword Research: Discover high-performing keywords that easily drive sales for other Amazon listings.
  • Niche Market Auto-Updates: Stay ahead with automatic updates across 1,000 tracked niches.
  • AmazeOwl Academy: Expand your skillset with a dedicated learning center for beginner and advanced Amazon sellers.
  • Daily Competitor Reports: View changes in pricing, image, keyword, etc., from competitors daily to stay one step ahead.


AmazeOwl has a free starter plan with limited features.

Pricing for paid plans starts from:

  • Growth: $19.99 per month
  • Established: $29.95 per month

You can get a 33% discount on annual subscription. A 10-day product training is included with all plans.

5. Keepa


Keepa is a specialized tool known for its accurate price tracking and alert features.

With a simple browser extension, Keepa allows sellers to monitor price fluctuations, view sales history, and calculate profit directly on Amazon.

Its web app also features several tools for identifying high-priority Amazon SKUs, including an in-depth product finder, a dedicated deals section, and a regularly refreshed best-sellers list.

Users highly appreciate Keepa’s user-friendly interface and reliable alerts, although some may find its interface somewhat outdated compared to other tools. The tool also offers convenient browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera. 

With a feature-rich free plan and paid option, Keepa makes price tracking accessible for merchants of all sizes.

Key Features

  • Advanced Product Finder: Analyze up to 10,000 product ASINs at the same time and find winning products with minimum effort.
  • Seller History Tracking: Gain insights into competition dynamics with a unique feature tracking seller activity within specific product categories over time.
  • Alerts and Notifications: Stay ahead of market changes with custom alerts for price drops, sales rank milestones, and competitor listings.
  • Historical FBA Fee Estimator: Access a historical FBA fee estimator for accurate profit margin calculations based on past fulfillment costs.
  • Browser Extension Compatibility: Integrate Keepa’s features into your Amazon marketplace with extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge.


Keepa is free to sign up and use.

Each free user gets a daily quota to import/export up to 24,000 products per day.

Data Access subscription is available for $20.25/month or $201.39/year and gives you bonus features like:

  • Sales Rank History
  • Buy Box Statistics & Offer Details
  • eBay Price History Graphs
  • Offer Count & Review/Rating History Graphs
  • Price Increase Tracking

6. SellerSprite


SellerSprite is a solid free Jungle Scout alternative for individual (or team) sellers looking to jumpstart their Amazon business on a budget. 

From product hunting to market trends and competitor analysis, SellerSprite offers precise data in each arena in a user-friendly dashboard.

Like Jungle Scout’s capabilities, its product discovery tool allows users to find profitable niches and make crucial decisions with in-depth demand and competitor reports. Sellers can analyze sales data, market trends, and fluctuations on SellerSprite to refine their niche/product-hunting journey.

As your business grows, SellerSprite will also assist you with ad management using keyword research and listing optimization features.

If you’re interested in testing free Jungle Scout alternatives and plan to form a team, SellerSprite is the perfect tool for starting your first store on Amazon.

Key Features

  • Global Market Coverage: Access comprehensive market research with 26+ filters and over 20+ million datasets from major Amazon marketplaces.
  • Handy Chrome Extension: Utilize the free Chrome extension to analyze products, mine keywords, or download listing elements directly on Amazon.
  • Extensive Historical Data: Access up to three years of historical data on search volume, BSR, reviews, pricing, and purchase trends.
  • Powerful Competitor Tracking: Monitor daily price changes, keywords, sales, and ratings for specific storefronts or products.
  • ABA Search Trends: To forecast sales trends, access a 14-week history of keyword search frequency directly from Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA).


SellerSprite has an amazing free plan with access to multiple tools.

Pricing for paid plans starts from:

  • Standard (monthly): $79 per month
  • Standard: $790 per year
  • Advanced: $1,290 per year
  • VIP: $1,890 per year

Each paid plan comes with a 7-day money back guarantee.

7. Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Tool


Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Tool is a killer alternative to Jungle Scout in the keyword research domain.

Its search volume data comes from a granular analysis of Amazon users’ browsing habits. This means you get more accurate search volume estimations and keyword metrics like Clicks Per Search, Return Rate, etc.

The tool also provides local search volumes for 170 countries and approximate monthly global search volumes for a given keyword. This makes it ideal for international Amazon sellers operating in multiple countries.

Moreover, you can derive keywords from any competing listing on Amazon—just paste the URL in the Ahrefs Site Explorer and get a list of keywords to incorporate into your own listings.

While Jungle Scout still leads as an all-in-one solution, Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Tool is worthy for fueling your keyword optimization efforts at zero cost.

Key Features

  • Huge Keyword Library: Enter your product’s description and generate a big plethora of relevant keyword ideas from a library of 100 million terms.
  • In-Depth Keyword Insights: Gain valuable insights into keyword performance with metrics like Clicks, Clicked/Not Clicked, Clicks Per Search, and Return Rate.
  • Global Research Capability: Conduct Amazon keyword research across 170 countries, which is ideal for sellers targeting multiple markets.
  • Advanced Filtering: Our advanced filters allow you to precisely refine your keyword list, focusing on metrics like monthly search volume and clicks.
  • Accurate Google Search Estimates: Get precise search volume estimates for your Amazon listings on Google to optimize them for SEO.


Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Tool is completely free to use.

Top 5 Paid Jungle Scout Alternatives 

As you start scaling your Amazon business, investing in a proper keyword research tool should be at the top of your priority list.

It will help you minimize losses on unproductive products, assist you in strategizing for the future, and take your store to the next level.

Let’s take a look at some of the best-paid Jungle Scout alternatives in the market:

8. Viral Launch


Viral Launch is a leading Amazon product research tool and a go-to alternative for Jungle Scout.

It has all essential product discovery and advanced features, such as market intelligence and product launch assistance, to scale your Amazon store.

A few features unique to Viral Launch are Kinetic PPC and Split Testing, both of which allow you to better manage your advertising budget and optimize listings.

It’s worth noting that the Viral launch is a bit more expensive than Jungle Scout, and its lower-tier plans lack product research help, making it less accessible to beginners.

Despite this limitation, Viral Launch is a valuable Jungle Scout alternative for advanced sellers looking to grow an existing Amazon business and utilize tools like PPC automation and launch assistance.

Key Features

  • LaunchGPT: Use Viral Launch’s AI-driven tool to kickstart your Amazon brand and give a boost to new product listings.
  • Efficient Product Discovery: Find product goldmines with reliable real-time data and an advanced discovery tool with filters preset for crucial metrics.
  • Market Intelligence: Maximize your finances with a market intelligence tool that accurately estimates sales, niche trends, and profit margins.
  • Kinetic PPC: Automate your PPC campaigns and select your own parameters to drive maximum sales on the lowest budget.
  • Industry-Leading Accuracy: Make confident decisions with an impressive data accuracy of 88.4%, setting you ahead in the market.


Viral Launch offers the following paid plans:

  • Essentials: $69 per month
  • Pro: $99 per month
  • Pro Plus Ads: $199 per month

Discounts are available for annual subscription. You can start with their Market Intelligence tool for just $25 per month.

For a more in-depth comparison, check out our article on Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Which Amazon Seller Tool Is Better?

9. Seller Labs


Seller Labs is a feature-rich Jungle Scout alternative for sellers trying to eliminate manual labor by automating their Amazon business.

It comes with various functionalities, such as in-depth product research, keyword gap analysis, and profitability analysis. All these tools are available in a user-friendly interface, making it perfect for novice and experienced sellers.

One area where Seller Labs truly shines is automation. The tool can optimize each task without human input – from repricing to inventory management and review requests.

SellerLabs Pro is slightly cheaper than Jungle Scout and offers a single all-in-one plan. New sellers can also test it using a 30-day free trial, making it perfect for those who want to commit to just one powerful tool.

Key Features

  • Intuitive PRO Dashboard: Kickstart your research with the ultimate control center that displays SKU-level profitability and integrates vital data.
  • PPC Optimization Tools: Optimize your ad spend with Ignite. Set your own advertising parameters using AI-driven insights to maximize sales with budget efficiency.
  • Scope For Success: Utilize Scope’s advanced eCommerce solutions to analyze critical sales data and seller feedback.
  • Quantified Seller Analytics: Access pre-built reports with in-depth product performance history to make data-driven decisions and optimize your financial output.
  • Proactive Notifications Center: Stay informed about inventory levels, Buy Box status, and key performance metrics to maintain store health and profitability.


Seller Labs Pro is the only paid plan on the website.

Prices ranges varies on your annual 3P Amazon sales starting from:

  • Less than $50k: $49 per month or $468 per year
  • $50k to $250k: $99 per month or $948 per year
  • $250k to $1M: $149 per month or $1,428 per year
  • More than $1M+: $299 per month or $2,868 per year

You can also test out the tool using a 30-day free trial.

10. ASINspector


ASINspector Pro is a killer entry-level product research tool and a non-complicated alternative to Jungle Scout.

Built as a Chrome extension, ASINspector has everything you need to identify killer products with high-profit potential. Sales history, pricing changes, competitor profit, and trending keywords are just some metrics you can track with ASINspector.

ASINspector can also help you discover trending items from eBay, Walmart, Target, etc., and find their relevant suppliers from AliExpress for testing.

Even though ASINspector’s interface might feel a bit outdated, it’s incredibly simple to use and export data on both desktop and mobile phones.

While Jungle Scout is the more powerful and feature-rich platform, ASINspector Pro’s one-time subscription plan and affordability render it ideal for low-cost Amazon sellers and new entrants.

Key Features

  • Instant Sales Metrics: Access real-time data on sales trends, including detailed price history and sales volume, to stay ahead in product research.
  • Competitive Product Sourcing: Discover where competitors source their products and get a strategic advantage in procurement and pricing.
  • Profitability Scanner: Identify highly profitable products with ease, using advanced filters that highlight consumer preferences and untapped market opportunities.
  • Market Position Analysis: Track and analyze competitor rankings and sales on Amazon to gain perspective on market performance and revenue potential.
  • Comprehensive Fee Insights: Equip yourself with detailed information on Amazon fees to manage costs effectively and maximize profit margins.


ASINspector is available at $10 per month or a one-time fee of $147.

You can also test it out with a 7-day free trial.

11. Zonbase


Zonbase is a viable and cheaper alternative to Jungle Scout with a host of powerful selling tools.

At the basic, Zonbase features a powerful product + keyword research tool with advanced filters, a sales estimator, a rank tracker, reverse ASIN lookup, and a handy Chrome extension.

But where it really outshines Jungle Scout is with PPC automation. This feature automatically extracts profitable keywords, optimizes bids, and boosts your Amazon sales with minimum spending—all with zero effort from your end. 

Along with this, Zonbase offers a user-friendly interface and plenty of financial tools (profit records, ZonRepricer, sales estimator, etc.) to help you maximize ROI and pinpoint unnecessary costs.

Zonbase offers competitive pricing plans and a 7-day money-back guarantee, making it a top alternative for those unwilling to invest in Jungle Scout without compromising on functionality.

Key Features

  • Zon Research: Explore a catalog of over 400 million products. Identify high-demand, low-competition opportunities in best-selling categories.
  • Keyword Mastery: Optimize your Amazon presence using the Keywords tool, which uncovers hundreds of high-performing keywords.
  • Profit Analysis: Get insights into expenses, track marketing campaigns, and monitor revenue streams to maximize your financial returns.
  • ZonPPC Management: Tailor your ads to minimize costs while maximizing visibility and sales, all from a user-friendly dashboard with ZonPPC.
  • Dynamic Repricing: Stay competitive with Zon Repricer, which automates price adjustments based on market conditions.


Zonbase offers the following plans:

  • Standard: $37 per month
  • Legendary: $97 per month
  • Diamond: $297 per month

Discounts are available for annual subscription plans. Each plan is backed by a 7-day money back guarantee.

You can learn more about Zonbase in our review!

12. Unicorn Smasher


Unicorn Smasher is a handy tool for identifying product gaps in the Amazon market on a budget. 

Its main strength lies in product research. Just install the Unicorn Smasher Chrome extension, and the tool will give you in-depth sales analytics and valuable insights within your niche. 

The data it presents includes useful KPIs such as sales estimates, bestseller ranks, prices, fulfillment methods, etc. All of this can be used to identify gaps in any specific category and launch successful products.

Unicorn Smasher offers an ultra-organized dashboard that lets you manage all your research in one place and export sales data with one click.

The best thing about Unicorn Smasher is its one-time cost, making it a perfect option for new sellers trying to uncover lucrative opportunities on a tight budget. 

Key Features

  • Detailed Data Insights: Explore a range of Amazon product data, from sales estimates to reviews, and uncover trending launch opportunities.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Access all crucial data on one user-friendly dashboard to ease decision-making and save valuable time.
  • Opportunity Score: Evaluate product potential with a specialized score, guiding sellers toward the most profitable ventures.
  • Additional Tools: Enhance your selling strategy with competitor tracking, keyword analysis, and niche research.


Unicorn Smasher Pro is only available in the following lifetime plans:

  • Basic: $49.99 one-time (1 main account)
  • Professional: $99.99 one-time (1 main + 2 sub accounts)
  • Suite: $159.99 one-time (1 main + 4 sub accounts)

Final Verdict on The Best Free Jungle Scout Alternatives

That’s it for our list of the best free Jungle Scout alternatives available in the market.

When choosing a tool for Amazon product research, consider your needs and goals to make an informed decision.

For instance, if you want to sell beyond Amazon, a tool that allows you to do product research across other marketplaces will be the best choice.

Keep your objectives in mind, and you’ll be able to choose the best free Jungle Scout alternatives for your business.

Want to automate your Amazon FBA business while still earning more? Read our list of 13 Best Tools For Amazon Sellers To Grow Fast & Work Less.


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